26 September 2012

A N D    S T U F F

Hi everyone!

A few random thoughts...

I love RED and COLOR so much right now. I am tired of neutrals and being such a dull, grey, beige and blue blob all the time. I find the above Chloé outfits pretty darn inspiring. My wardrobe is so sad. As is my bank account.

Speaking of red, my friend Caety spoiled me with a beautiful red Chanel lipstick (coromandel) yesterday. It is amazing - I've never owned a Chanel lip color before. It lasts forever. I will never buy any other brand of lipstick ever again. I applied it before catching the bus to school today, which was at 2pm. Eight hours later - even after eating dinner - it's still there. So great!


I still have so much catching up to do with my Europe adventure photos. I'm so sorry for holding out. I've had a really hard time with focusing on anything other than my homework, my internet classes, the news and political blogs/newspapers. Who have I become?! It's very strange... But I like it. My brain feels so good!

Anyway. I will try to be more present here!

Ps. This ol' blog needs a makeover. I'll work on that, too.


  1. I'm sure red is very fetching color on you. nice :)

    ps: the rouge allure velvet 40 (la sensuelle) is my fave one during the colder months.

  3. I love the Aly you are becoming.