13 September 2012

P R E T T Y   A S   A   P I C T U R E

A glimpse at a lookbook put together by my girl, Ellie Lonardo. See the complete series, Oh, Honeyat her portfolio site. I just made some fairly huge (or so they feel to me) life changing decisions - which are scary, but good - and make me wish I could escape to a place like the ones in these photos whenever I start to panic.

More details on that later.


  1. these are so glorious and now i am so in love with her website

  2. the look book looks amazing! 
    here's to life decisions. no matter how scary they seem at first. i am sure you'll be glad you took them in the end!
    can't wait to see what it is you set your mind on though!

  3. These are gorgeous and so inspiring! Thank you for sharing