01 January 2014

A  N E W  Y E A R

My To Do List for 2014

01. Finish my associates
02. Get accepted into one of my choice universities
03. Take a lot of photos and improve my photo skills
04. Complete the portrait series of my grandma
05. Get a show
06. Move
07. Get rid of unnecessary possessions
08. Run
09. Mingle
10. Spend my 30th birthday somewhere new


  1. Great goals Aly! But what does #5 mean?


  2. Get a show - as in, get an exhibition of my photos somewhere. :)

  3. Oh! That would be so amazing, I really hope you do find a place to show your photos. I always am such a big fan of your art work!

  4. Thanks, Holly! You have always been such a great support. :) xo

  5. I am rather late in reading this, but a perfectly lovely list of goals you have here || sounds like this could be a really big and exciting year for you! And I do hope you'll be sharing the portrait series of your grandmother, what a beautiful and emotional project that must be! xo

  6. Hello Mary!

    Once I feel the series is complete, I will definitely share them! I still have these images in my mind that I hope to capture. Now it's just a matter of making them real. :)