16 January 2012

S N O W !

I stayed indoors all day yesterday, watching the snow fall from the couch and watching terrible Hallmark movies with Gramma. We weren't at all prepared for the five inches we got (I know, all of you who know what real snow is like are rolling your eyes); somehow we managed to go all day without hot chocolate!

I love snow days, I love the calm and peacefulness of them. Many of my friends will disagree, but I wish the winter white would stick around a little longer.


  1. i totally know what you mean.  snow always makes me feel at peace with myself, and walking through a giant snowstorm (or not so giant, depending in the year) is something i relish, if only because there are usually so few people around, and the world looks beautiful again.

  2. yes! it was wonderful! miles and i went for a long walk while it was snowing out and it was so peaceful and quite... no car to be seen or heard.. we walked in the middle of the street and ate snow from the tops of bushes. it was truly magical!