17 February 2008

more of fall fashion week

Bored at work, of course!

Just discovered Luella. I've never paid any attention to her before and fell in love right away. Her Spring 08 collection is so me. I showed it to Vladimir and he said at first glance he thought it was me walking down the runway. The glasses, the hair, the whole look. I want all of it. The Fall collection is so cute too.
I feel like I must seem so superficial when I obsess over fashion, but I just like it so much. I can't help it.

Luella - Spring 08 RTW

Luella - Fall 08 RTW

This is making me want to go back into fashion design. I wish I could make up my mind about these things! I think I might go back to the New York Fashion Academy in the Spring or Summer and take a few more classes. There's a slight chance I might be living in Ballard starting next month so that could work out perfectly since it's in the same neighborhood.

I went fabric shopping with Peggi yesterday and we got some really great stuff. Joann's was having a huge sale and we both got tons of stuff for super cheap. I found this great green & black plaid silk that I can't wait to make a little mini dress out of. I also got this paisley print upholstery (I love upholstery - always has the best prints and patterns) that I'm going to use as an accent on a black dress I'm starting tomorrow.

Something really, really wonderful happened at work earlier. I'll write about it when I get home. It made me so happy.


  1. I know you said you were going to get glasses a couple of weeks ago, did you ever get any? If so, I'd love to see them!

  2. Yeah I did! Still at work, so here's a pic from my cell phone...


  3. Ooh those look adorable on you! I cannot find a glasses shop in the area that I like- where did you get yours? I am after a certain oversized Marc Jacobs pair but cannot find them anywhere...

  4. Thanks! Mine are just Ray Bans. I got them at Lenscrafters because it's generally a lot cheaper there than at privately owned eye clinics.

  5. That's good advice, thanks!

  6. "might go back to the New York Fashion Academy in the Spring or Summer" AHEM.

  7. haha. I wish that actually was what it sounded like! It's a fashion school in Seattle! Don't you know I'd tell you if I were moving out there? I might try to go to NY for a couple weeks at the end of April... But all of my plans for everything are getting completely destroyed. Life is weird.

  8. oobust! Well, at least you will be close to home then :) Please do let me know if you will be around... I get back from Japan on the 25th of April. I would love to see thee.

  9. Japan! Lucky. I was hoping to go to Taipei for the month of April but 1. I lost my job, and 2. I potentially have a new job doing an illustration project for Xbox! So, good and bad - but still a bummer that I can't travel like I had hoped to.

    So at the very least, I'll be making a trip to the east coast. I NEED to get out of Seattle for a while.