24 February 2010

18 February 2010


I am sick and tired of being sick! Blerg. I've had a cold that keeps reinventing itself for the past 10 days. My attention span is incredibly short and my brain tends to fog over every five minutes. All I want to do is sleep, but since I cannot, I have been mindlessly clicking around on the internet all morning. 13-year-old fashion blogger (Style Rookie) Tavi Gevinson has largely been a source of entertainment. How is it that I had never heard of her until now? She is adorable and funny ("...All this snow needs to leave, like, now! Two months ago it would've been exciting, but now it's just like the weather gods are Jay Leno and the snow is the punchline to his joke, which he always repeats, like, twelve times." haha!). I am so fascinated!

11 February 2010

at the zoo

Last week, Kai and I visited the animals at the zoo. We saw baby gorillas nursing (so sweet), a very sad orangutan, lonely sloth bears, pacing elephants and hungry tigers who wanted Kai for lunch. We sat with the orangutan for a long time and Kai gave him kisses through the glass. I'm pretty sure he smiled a little bit. It's nice to see the animals so close but it made me awfully sad for them. We are going to get a zoo membership and visit our friend the orangutan more often. I don't know how we'll identify which one he is, but maybe he'll start to recognize us? It would be nice to make him smile again.

09 February 2010

bill gentle

The Selby photographs people in their homes. He once photographed Bill & Fanny. I think I would choose to live in the tipi in their backyard rather than their home, but they're an awfully cute couple. Bill also photographs people on his site, Backyard Bill. These are the kinds of things I find myself spending hours pouring over. For whatever reason, I am very intrigued by other people (complete strangers) and their homes and lifestyles. Apparently, other people do too - but there is something somewhat creepy about that. Right?

04 February 2010


The sun is peeking through the morning clouds. I am begging it to come out and shine for the rest of the day. My friends from LA have begun their residency tour and will be making their first Seattle stop this evening. It will feel so good to have them all in my home for multiple sleep overs this month. Maybe when the tour is over, I will have them stow me in the back of their van and travel South to their sunny state.

These prisms from The Wild Unknown are like beaches to have at home; little treasures to keep sunshine near.