28 August 2009


Moving is such a pain in the bum. That is only half of what I have packed so far. I cannot wait until we are all settled in our new place and all the stresses of packing and cleaning are over with. I am going to miss this apartment a lot. I've grown quite attached to it.

22 August 2009

setting my sights

I saw the most darling young mom at the park today. A nice floppy hat, a perfectly cute n' comfy outfit, and espadrilles. She even toted her baby around in a vintage mini pram! What a lady. I am going to be just like her someday.

12 August 2009


I thought I would share with you some of my lovely lady friends whose writings, pictures & drawings are worth a gander. Take a peek!

olivia park-sargent
toby liebowitz
kersti werdal
lulu wolf

a new nest

My sister and I are moving into a new apartment on the first of the month. It is a beautiful two bedroom. I am going to have my own room! I cannot stop dreaming about falling asleep in a big bed again. I will miss the sleepy conversations between Ashley and I as we doze off, and hearing about the funny things I say and do in my sleep. We can always snuggle on the nights that we feel lonely, though.

Ohh, the lovely things I am drooling over... Such temptation! Moon bells, crystals, soft floral sheets and pendant lighting. I am looking forward to starting over in a new, fresh place - providing plenty of opportunity for nesting. I do love to nest!

02 August 2009


I will go here.



I am not all too good at writing lately. Hot heat gives me a melty mind. All I want to do is swim, swim, swim.