30 April 2012


I am going to take a little break from blogging over the next week or so. I became sick a few days ago and have been resting at Elena & María's home in Albacete since last Thursday. Our plans have gotten all mixed up to due to my health and various other things - but all is well! Their mother, Juani, has been treating me as though I were her own daughter and is taking good care of me. Such a sweet woman! I am so grateful for my friends - they have been our angels on this trip.

Tomorrow, Ashley and I will take a train to Valencia and then fly to Amsterdam. I am dreading this a little bit considering how I am feeling today, but we have to get up there in time for Ashley to catch her flight to California. So, we are staying there for only two nights (we found someone to stay with; our mom's friend's cousin!) unfortunately, but hopefully we can return in July so that we can spend some more time there. Meanwhile, I will be waiting for her in Liverpool where I'll be staying with my friend Stephen, whom I am so excited to see! Once I am settled in England I should have a lot of down time, so I'll pick up where I left off and share lots of pictures and stories from the beautiful Feria in Seville, plus all that followed.

For now, here are some images I grabbed from my instagram, covering the past couple of weeks. If you're not following me there yet, you should (alysonsharon)!

So, goodbye for now! Hasta pronto! See you soon!

29 April 2012

A N O T H E R   R E Q U E S T

Hello again!

Now Ashley and I are searching for a place to stay in Amsterdam for two nights. Originally we wanted to be heading up there today, but the rates for accommodations are insane until Tuesday and we simply could not afford it. Ashley is flying back to California on May 3rd for a friend's wedding, and I am flying up to either London or Edinburgh.

I am really disappointed that we may only be spending one day in Amsterdam, but hopefully we can return later in our travels so we can experience it in a real way. For now though, we just need a place to rest our heads for two nights (May 1st - 3rd). We are clean and quiet and respectful ladies - if you or a friend could lend us a couch or their floor we would be so grateful. In the mean time, I will keep searching for cheap flights out of Valencia and affordable hostels.

Thanks again to all of you for your quick response to my plea for Paris assistance last time. I was so touched by your desire to help us!

28 April 2012


After four nights in Seville, we hopped on a bus very early in the morning and made the five hour journey to Nerja. Nerja, dubbed 'The Balcony of Europe' by King Alfonso XII, is a small town on the Costa del Sol, and though a bit touristy it was everything we needed. Traveling is so exhausting sometimes, and especially after the late nights in Seville, all I wanted was to lay on a beach for a few days and sleep as much as I wanted. I didn't want to worry about seeing the sights and experiencing the culture of a new place. Nerja was perfect for that.

We stayed at a little bed & breakfast, Hostal Miguel, which is run by the sweetest British couple. We immediately felt at home with them. If any of you ever end up in Nerja, Hostal Miguel is the place to be. Our room had a little patio with a table and chairs, so we could enjoy the view of the hillside and feel the sea breeze through the open windows. We did nothing but rest, wade in the water and eat lots of ice cream; a perfect vacation from traveling.

Chanel nails, Rose Insolent!

Then we decided we had better return to Seville for la Feria de Abril. So we packed our bathing suits and put our party hats back on. I cannot wait to share those photos with you! Such a magical time.

27 April 2012


Walking home to our hostel late one night, a group of Sevillano boys standing on the corner across from our door yelled, Hola! Venir aquí! and summoned us to join them. We stood, drinking free beers and trying to carry on conversations with them, partially in broken English and partially in broken Spanish. Every night after that we bumped into them and had so much fun hanging out with the locals. I think meeting people and making new friends is one of the best parts of traveling and creates a far more authentic and experience. We loved these boys! They broke our hearts with their kindness and, let's be honest - their good looks. Los chicos son muy guapos! Pitter patter, pitter patter...

The streets are so small (as most in Europe are), when a car came by we all had to press ourselves against the walls and stand on our tippy toes so our feet would not get crushed.

T H E   J U N G L E   O F   S E V I L L E

Parque de Maria Luisa, I think, is the most beautiful park I have ever seen. Wandering the dirt and stone pathways, I felt lost in the jungle - it was so lovely! But then, what about Seville isn't lovely? Nothing!


25 April 2012


Dear friends & readers, My sister and I are desperately searching for someone who could be our friend and helper in Paris for two nights this weekend (Friday & Saturday). If you know anyone, or if you yourself could take in two ladies and show us around the city, we would be so grateful! We do not speak an ounce of French and so therefore are honestly a bit terrified of France. I haven't had great experiences in the past and do sm hoping to befriend someone who can rectify this! Please get in touch ASAP if this is a possibility! Mercí!! (I'm trying!)

Thank you for offering your help and homes! We decided to stay in Spain, see our friends and go to Valencia instead. We are planning to go to Paris in June, so I will be using all of your suggestions and tips then. You're all just the best!


24 April 2012

M E E T I N G   S E V I L L E

Oh, Seville! This place captured our hearts immediately. It's such a romantic and beautiful little city. We decided to go there on a whim, hopped on a train from Barcelona and five hours later arrived without any clue about where we were going or what we were doing. As I was waiting for Ashley to get her luggage I heard a familiar accent and perked up. I spotted a small blonde girl with a giant backpack, wishing another traveler good luck with a big smile on her face and then, she disappeared. Once Ash was able to wrestle her bag off the train, we found her again speaking to a taxi driver - so I ran up to her and said, "Excuse me! Do you speak English?". She was going to a hostel right in the center of the old town, so we hopped in the cab with her and just like that, we had met our new friend Lori. Without her we would have ended up wandering the streets in the dark that night, probably exhausted and frustrated. She saved us!

Once we made it to our hostel and settled in, we went out for dinner and had some of the best tapas since we've been in Spain. It was delicious! Walking home to the hostel late that night we ran into a Turkish guy with his mother and his German Architect friend. He told us to follow them to find 'the place with the red door' and that we would not regret it - so we did as he said and followed him. We ended up at La Carbonería, where in two different corners of the room men were singing and playing their guitars. People were gathered all around to listen. I have to say this was the first time I think I really felt like I was in Spain.


Love connection! Lucky girl.

Needless to say, this was the most exciting and romantic introduction to any of the places we've been so far. Perhaps that's why we fell in love so quickly?

Ps. Just to keep you up to date on where I actually am at this time - we are heading back to Seville in just a few hours after spending a few days in Nerja relaxing on the beach. There is a big festival going on called Feria de Abril which occurs every year two weeks after Easter. We made some friends with locals in Seville who were shocked when they heard we wouldn't be there for it. After we saw some pictures of the Feria, we knew we had to go back for it. So, we will be in Seville for two more nights, then we will go north to the Alsace region of France. Or at least that's the plan now - it tends to change from day to day!