28 November 2009


Alexander Wang T Striped Romper. Buy it here.

26 November 2009


Today I am thankful for mostly healed tooth holes. I will be carefully nibbling on turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, rolls and pumpkin pie - all prepared perfectly with our family's traditional recipes by Gramma, Auntie, Marmy and yours truly.

22 November 2009

meat please

I have been hiding away from the world the past few days after having my wisdom teeth removed. I am resting as much as I can and hoping for a speedy recovery as Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and I will be extremely disappointed if I cannot partake in the consumption of one of my favorite meals of the year. I have quickly grown tired of mushy foods (even ice cream, if you can believe it!) and cannot wait to sink my teeth into a big, savory, turkey leg!

16 November 2009

things that make me happy

reading this magazine, listening to this podcast snuggled up in bed, hearing her voice on the other end of the line (anastasia), the sagoian siblings and their hilarious banter, her snuggles and silly faces (olivia), his hugs (dad) and her enocouragment (mom), baking cold weather treats (blueberry cheesecake), remembering my perfect friend (macy), goofing off with missed friends (red heads), getting spooked out with him, silly dancing, number tricks, gramma's voice mails, david sedaris audio books... (to be continued).

11 November 2009

wedding weekend

I am so disappointed! A number of the pictures I took from Thom & Kate's wedding didn't turn out. I suppose that's one reason a digital camera can have it's advantages. Shoot, shoot, shoot! There are still plenty of wonderful memories in these snapshots, though. I spent the wedding day with both the groom's and bride's sides of the wedding party, assisting Nate and Anastasia with the photography. I am excited to see how those turned out and am hoping some of the moments that my disposable failed to capture will show up in the other ones that we took.

october 25

More from our pumpkin picking morning and halloween here.

10 November 2009

k + t

I was in Southern Oregon over the weekend. My friends Thom and Kate were getting married. They are perfectly darling together and such a happy couple. It was lovely getting to spend time with all of my friends - although quite a few were missing, and they were missed! Many more photos to come once I get my film developed.

I am bored

Here is my Anthropologie Essentials for a Cozy Holiday Wish List.

1. crystal votive, $38 2. unearthed bookends, $198 3. moon bell strand, $38 4. icy sorbet throw, $248 5. chevron throw, $178 6. pyrite cluster, $38 7. mechanic's beacon light $148 8. robson sconce, $178 9. floral fresco rug, $368 10. festival rug, $368 11. oyster shell salt cellar, $28 12. color drip creamer, $10 13. pompom coasters, $14 14. english eccentrics candle, $36 (they smell so good) 15. tatine garden + forest infusion candle, $30 16. all my thoughts journal, $24 17. kraft paper notepad, $12 18. crackled album, $88 19. can you imagine puzzle, $148 20. wash & sew kit, $12 21. foundry soap dish, $20

03 November 2009


I want a baby! I want to shop for my baby!

02 November 2009


A product of Olivia's late night visits. She likes to photograph me doing strange things.

the ballard locks & fall time walks

fickle pickle

Sometimes I wish I hadn't cut my hair again.