28 January 2010

knotted ring

I like that a lot.

24 January 2010


What pretty girls! Olivia's face is my favorite.

21 January 2010

el cosmico

I just read an entry about this place on the Frances May blog. Good gosh, I want to go.

20 January 2010

california dreaming

I am clearly suffering from a severe sunlight deficiency. Today just about did away with it for now. The sun was out and the skies were blue for a little while. I am crossing my fingers that this was a sign of better times.

19 January 2010

apiece apart

Six more reasons to wish for Summer. I am listening to the new Vampire Weekend and dreaming of breezy, warm days. I cannot wait for pastels, freckles, sandals, melty ice cream cones, sticky legs on car seats, picnics and skinny dipping.

18 January 2010

winter blues

The Seattle weather, combined with other disappointments, have had me down in the dumps lately. I've been online all morning looking up flights for weekend getaways to sunny places - none of which I can actually afford. So I have resorted to wrapping myself in blankets in order to feel warm and watching these videos on youtube. It's helping, but only a little bit.

12 January 2010

the life

Maybe years from now, I hope.

07 January 2010


I am lusting over her coat. I want summertime to be here now, but if I owned that, I might feel a little more contented with winter sticking around a bit longer.

05 January 2010

look out world

Kai ventured out into the world on his first real walk today. Protected by his trusty poncho, he was prepared for whatever adventures may have come his way. He took a couple of tumbles but dusted himself off like a champ. He took me to the corner market for hot cocoa, met many different puppy pals along the way, and a little furry feline friend followed us home; a black kitty wearing bells on her collar. What a time we had!