27 November 2011


You've probably already seen this elsewhere, but it's just so pretty. I had to share it, just in case you hadn't.

Installation by German artist, Regine Ramseier.

25 November 2011

I N    G O O D   C O M P A N Y


I am so lucky to be a part of a silly, funny, loving and happy family. 

I had a great Thanksgiving day. I hope you did, too.

24 November 2011

S O     T H A N K F U L

I always have the intentions of posting a nice little entry about all of the things I'm thankful for on these sorts of holidays, but I usually find myself too busy between all of the pie baking and other preparations. So, instead I tried to get Elsie to pose with me for a little Thanksgiving portrait, but that didn't work out either. Oh well!

I am so excited to go spend the day with my family. I have so much to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving.

21 November 2011

A R O U N D     T H E     W E B     /     A R O U N D     T H E     W O R L D

Quite a few of my friends are traveling right now, each sharing beautiful photos of their adventures abroad and each getting me more excited for my own. I cannot wait to be in their shoes and capturing it all in film!

Caitlin is in Scandinavia. I especially love the one of the Icelandic horses.

Toby & Kersti are/were out and about in Asia. (Miss you girls!) This is especially funny.

Sean is all around in Europe and killing it with his photos, as per usual.

Some side notes:

Little Dipper is up & running again. Self-employment officially begins! Take a peek here, too.

I have a roll of black & white film to develop. I can't recall what I've shot with it. Hopefully there's something interesting there. I will share those soon.

Tomorrow, possibly a day at Discovery Park with Elsie and Claire (if the weather isn't completely dreadful).

15 November 2011

B R R R . . .

It's starting to get cold around these parts. We may have snow on Saturday!

Images from my early 1900s National Geographic collection. I love those old hand-painted photos!

13 November 2011

C O M F Y ,    C O Z Y    &    K I T T I E S

This past week I have been house/kitty sitting for my friend Caitlin. While she and her husband are exploring Scandinavia, I am here hunkering down with Scout and Abby, hiding away from the cold and grey outside. I have only left a handful of times to see friends or visit my parents. I feel so tucked away from the world here and it is really quite nice, just as if I am on a quiet vacation. I spend my days reading (1Q84, Murakami's new book! It's so beautifully designed - I just love looking at it and touching the pages. They're so milky and smooth!), watching movies, chatting with the cats and keeping busy with my little freelance design jobs. If there were a stormy beach just outside the window, then it would be absolutely perfect.

Beginning tomorrow, I will get down to business with Little Dipper and start making it my full time occupation. Now that I finally have the availability in my schedule, I can give it my full attention and hopefully form it into something that can support me over the next few months. Although, I won't require too much from it as I have been very fortunate lately. Things just keep coming together and now, I am all saved up for my travels. It never ceases to amaze me when I set my heart on something, and once I put that energy out there, how everything just works in my favor. The right people enter my life, the right opportunities reveal themselves and then with a little hard work and the right attitude, all of the pieces fall into place. 

It's such an exciting and encouraging thing to see and experience. I have already gotten a taste of how good the coming days will be. I am so grateful and very eager to see what is around the corner!

10 November 2011

"I   W I L L   R U N   A F T E R   Y O U

...for you are my little bunny."

With many tears and a very heavy heart, I  kissed my sweet boys goodbye yesterday.

I'm not quite sure what I will do now without them in my every day - without their hugs and their kisses. Without Kai's sweet little voice and all of his many questions and opinions. Without Asher's big smile and his funny little sense of humor. Of all the changes happening in my life right now, this one is without a doubt the hardest. I love them both with my entire heart.

Being their nanny was the best thing I've ever done.

Bunny and Baby, I am forever sending you a "blinky thumbs-up".

Ps. This is what I've been working on for Kai (password: kaiandaly - he picked it). I still have a lot more to do; three years worth of photos and videos* take some time to sift through. It is called Huckleberry Friends after the song, "Moon River". I used to sing that to him at nap time, and gently poked him on the tummy when singing, "my huckleberry friend."

*Please try to ignore my annoying baby voice.

07 November 2011

A   W E E K E N D   A T   S A R A H ' S

I feel so disconnected from my world here these days. Everything is still in a bit of a shifting phase, I'm never in one place for long - always moving back and forth between here and there and everywhere. I am still living out of boxes and feeling awfully uprooted. I have had so many things I've wanted to write about and share here, but just haven't had the time or opportunity.

I spent this past weekend at Sarah's, as the bridge over Lake Washington between Seattle and Kirkland was closed and would only make my commute that much worse (I watched Kai, Asher and their cousin Lena on Saturday). Sarah has such a nice space in a beautiful old house on Capitol Hill. It's so cozy and has an incredible view. She is a painter, so her bedroom also doubles as her workspace. Surrounded by her paintings that are scattered about the room, one can't help but feel inspired.

We had such a fun time, staying out late, discussing matters of the heart and laughing about silly things. I have a feeling Sarah and I will have many more slumber parties over the next few months, when I need to escape the east side and find my city, full of my favorite people and places at my doorstep.

03 November 2011

U N T I L   T H E N

While I am transitioning and adjusting to my new lifestyle (no internet at grandma's house, super long commutes from Seattle to Kirkland, very little free time, the list goes on...), I will leave you with this photo I took of my sister while she was visiting last summer.

I cannot wait to be traveling around Europe with her in just four months!