29 March 2012


On certain days before the sun goes down, we pay Donkey a visit. Donkey lives just down the dirt road from La Serranía. Usually bearing goodies of all kinds (bread, lettuce, tomatoes), we shower him with chatter and little love pats on his nose while he enjoys his meal. Donkey doesn't have many friends and seems to be pretty lonesome. I did a lot of reading on donkeys once I met our Donkey, and learned that they are very social creatures who need companionship. He lives all by himself - save for the neighbor cats who drop by from time to time. I feel sad for him, our poor lonely Donkey. I'm always wishing I could get closer to him and give him a nice snuggle. If only I had some goats to give him to be his friends once we are gone.

Ashley, dancing down the road, treats for Donkey in hand.

 I love his big, furry ears!

 The prettiest cat I've ever seen - she has the biggest blue eyes!

26 March 2012

T H E   B A R N

The time here seems to pass so quickly, I can't keep track of the days - they all seem to blend together. Today marks our third week at La Serranía, leaving only two more. This week a new and larger group arrived, so Ashley and I had to move out of the main house and down to the "barn" - but is actually far from a barn and more like a sweet, old world cottage.

Creating more bouquets for our new guests.

I bought the sandals (on the left)! So comfortable!

Much more to come - just haven't seemed to find the time lately. Plus, there isn't any wifi down at the barn, so I haven't been on my computer as much. Probably a good thing!

22 March 2012

F E E L I N G   T H E   P N W   I N   M A L L O R C A

Monday, March 19th

The rain fell and wind blew all day long today, and while the rain seems to have passed the clouds are still hanging around. After all of the beautiful weather we've been having, I feel like I'm paying some sort of penance for my friends at home in Seattle! I keep wishing I had an issue of Kinfolk to read and a big, warm quilt to wrap myself up in. This house with it's huge windows is straight out of a dream on a sunny day - but it gets pretty cold and drafty on days like this.

    Images: Kinfolk Magazine Gallery

Also, dreaming of a chai (Ashley, I may have to borrow your recipe!) with steamed milk, honey and cinnamon accompanied by a buttery scone. I might have to make some later as I'm not sure what else to do with my time.


March 22nd

It's still mostly grey today, but the sun is trying hard to shine. I made the aforementioned scones yesterday and taught an eager German girl (she is here with the yoga group) how to make them. I hope mine and my sister's instructions will help her to successfully bake her own once she gives it a try at home. Teaching is fun!

On the topic of Kinfolk, my itch to have a copy of the latest issue in my hands is even itchier (?) than before. My friend Ashley (the same as the chai expert mentioned earlier) styled one of the shoots/stories for Volume 3 and I want to see it with my own eyes so badly! She posted a few out-takes from the shoot on her blog. What a tease!

PS. All of this idle time has me digging around too much in my favorite shops. I want this tote (a lot) and this bottle opener and this bath towel (so many great fog linens!) and this bag

20 March 2012

F L A S H   B A C K

Before I left home I took some photos of the things I was packing along with me on this trip, and had planned to blog about it but never found the time. So while sitting here in the kitchen at La Serranía, twiddling my thumbs on this rainy day, I thought I may as well share them now. A few of them are from friends, who I am missing a lot today. Usually it is during those still and quiet moments that I really feel the absence of my loved ones. MISSINGYOUALLEVERYDAY!

A parting gift/friendship bracelet from Christine by Bluma Project (very cool, read about them here!). We took a picture of us wearing them together, which took some time and optical illusion magic in order to be sure my hand did not look like that of an ogre next to the tiny, sweet Christine hand.

My O-Check passport wallet, a special purchase for this trip. I was feeling pretty guilty about my carbon footprint after this buy. O-Check is a Korean design company, and the only place I could find this particular passport cover was at an online shop based in Australia (NoteMaker - they have lots of great stuff!). So this little guy traveled the world before I even left my hometown! Shame on me.

Plenty of stationary and postcards, some from my personal collection that I like to keep with me for admiring from time to time. I have yet to send any though... Still terrible at sending mail, regardless of my whereabouts! So sorry, my dear Kai! :(

Travel book of choice. I couldn't resist the beautiful cover design and I had yet to read any F. Scott Fitzgerald, if you can believe that! It's turned out to be perfect for the quiet, sunny mornings here at La Serranía, and has me very excited to spend some time in the South of France. I only wish I could teleport back to the early 1920s and meet some Rosemary and Dick type characters.

My new iPod touch, at the top of the pile. My iPod prior to this one, which was given to me ages ago, broke while I was in Germany in 2009. Or rather, I fried it by plugging it into a European outlet without a convertor - oops! I finally decided it was time to replace it and I am so glad that I did. It has served perfectly as a phone (as long as I have wifi) and has kept me more intimately in touch with friends and family. I'm also thrilled to pretend like I finally own an iPhone.

These last two are gifts from Ashley. The journal matches the book she gave me perfectly - transparent pages and all. I have been slowly and thoughtfully filling it up with souvenirs and little tid-bits from my travels so far (I plan to share these with you soon, too). The bag, which so conveniently curls up to occupy hardly any space in my duffel at all, has been handy for laundry and toting other such things about here. 

It is now nearly 2pm, leaving five more hours to kill until I am needed to carry out my evening duties. What to do, what to do? Sitting here, breathing in the scent of the freesias on the table really isn't so bad. They smell a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

17 March 2012

F L O W E R   G I R L S

In the anticipation of the yoga group arriving today, Ashley and I made bouquets for the guest rooms this morning. We gathered flowers and things that grow around the house and then set up our workshop outside in the sun. I was feeling inspired by the white walls, pretty shadows and bright sunlight, so I turned it into a bit of a photo shoot. 

Life here in general is pretty beautiful and inspiring most of the time.

Cookie, observing from a safe distance.

Ahh, the sun.

That was fun. :)