20 March 2012

F L A S H   B A C K

Before I left home I took some photos of the things I was packing along with me on this trip, and had planned to blog about it but never found the time. So while sitting here in the kitchen at La Serranía, twiddling my thumbs on this rainy day, I thought I may as well share them now. A few of them are from friends, who I am missing a lot today. Usually it is during those still and quiet moments that I really feel the absence of my loved ones. MISSINGYOUALLEVERYDAY!

A parting gift/friendship bracelet from Christine by Bluma Project (very cool, read about them here!). We took a picture of us wearing them together, which took some time and optical illusion magic in order to be sure my hand did not look like that of an ogre next to the tiny, sweet Christine hand.

My O-Check passport wallet, a special purchase for this trip. I was feeling pretty guilty about my carbon footprint after this buy. O-Check is a Korean design company, and the only place I could find this particular passport cover was at an online shop based in Australia (NoteMaker - they have lots of great stuff!). So this little guy traveled the world before I even left my hometown! Shame on me.

Plenty of stationary and postcards, some from my personal collection that I like to keep with me for admiring from time to time. I have yet to send any though... Still terrible at sending mail, regardless of my whereabouts! So sorry, my dear Kai! :(

Travel book of choice. I couldn't resist the beautiful cover design and I had yet to read any F. Scott Fitzgerald, if you can believe that! It's turned out to be perfect for the quiet, sunny mornings here at La Serranía, and has me very excited to spend some time in the South of France. I only wish I could teleport back to the early 1920s and meet some Rosemary and Dick type characters.

My new iPod touch, at the top of the pile. My iPod prior to this one, which was given to me ages ago, broke while I was in Germany in 2009. Or rather, I fried it by plugging it into a European outlet without a convertor - oops! I finally decided it was time to replace it and I am so glad that I did. It has served perfectly as a phone (as long as I have wifi) and has kept me more intimately in touch with friends and family. I'm also thrilled to pretend like I finally own an iPhone.

These last two are gifts from Ashley. The journal matches the book she gave me perfectly - transparent pages and all. I have been slowly and thoughtfully filling it up with souvenirs and little tid-bits from my travels so far (I plan to share these with you soon, too). The bag, which so conveniently curls up to occupy hardly any space in my duffel at all, has been handy for laundry and toting other such things about here. 

It is now nearly 2pm, leaving five more hours to kill until I am needed to carry out my evening duties. What to do, what to do? Sitting here, breathing in the scent of the freesias on the table really isn't so bad. They smell a-m-a-z-i-n-g!


  1. mmm, i love freesia.  :)

    that passport cover looks amazing!  i've been looking for something like that to double as a wallet when i'm travelling, since i always seem to have so damn much in my purse (none of it is very useful!) and would like to pare things down.

    i read the great gatsby a few years ago, and loved it.  i think fitzgerald's writing is pretty close to perfect, and i've been trying to get the motivation to read tender is the night...it's hard when there's so many other competing novels out there!  but alas, that cover is amazing, so it might have to be a gift-to-myself for my vacation next week.  (i'll be staying at home!  brokebrokebroke.  heh.)

  2. YOU MUST READ IT! Oh gosh you'll love it - it will take you to another world in your mind. Perfect for staying at home during vacation, I really think so. The first few pages are so dreamy. And I seriously spend handfuls of minutes at a time just gazing at the cover - I love it so much.

    The O-Check passport wallet, you'll love that too! I definitely encourage that purchase.

  3. wow, what a lovely blog you have! and great pictures by the way.

    I haven't been to Mallorca yet, but I'm just about planning summer vacation... it looks amazing!new follower! :)

  4. beautiful. I'm so glad to have found your blog. It's so clean and nice. Lovely photos

  5. Oh, thank you! I'm so glad you did, too. :)

  6. Hi Nora! Thank you so much!

    Mallorca is pretty beautiful! Let me know if you'd like to hear some tips. I've been here for nearly three weeks now, so I might be able to give some insight. 

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