28 September 2008

amedeo modigliani

I have fallen in love with this artist - all thanks to Peggi. She has had one of a woman holding a chicken hanging on her wall for a long time. I just finished scanning a bunch of his work from books. I'm going to frame them and put them up in my living room.

I am working a lot, and am being very productive when I am not. I have been inspired by a lot of things lately, which makes me very happy. I love it when my head is so full of ideas that I can't sit still. That's when I feel the most like myself.

27 September 2008

goodbye paul

I am so sad that he died. He was a really good man.

20 September 2008

unfinished house

I have found myself wanting to be simple. Live simply. Draw simply. Dress simply. Eat, think, breathe, drink, speak simply.

I'm trying to get better at being alone. I mean that in the sense of sitting at home by myself without visits from friends or phone calls. It's kind of hard to do. I used to think I was good at alone-ness. However, I realized recently that growing up in a family of 6 hardly prepares you for being a good alone person.

It is very grey and rainy today. Some of the tallest buildings are hiding in the fog. Fall is here and I am glad.

18 September 2008

skinny minny

This was me on May 3, 2008. I'd like to look like that again.

I went to the H&M that opened down town today. It was really disappointing. I bought a scarf, & that's it. Last fall, everything at H&M looked like the Chloe runway and it was wonderful. Now everything looks like Avril Lavine.

It is time to get my portfolio together - and I'm going to make it look beautiful! I am going to set up an interview for the visuals position at Anthro soon. I've talked to everyone on the team about it except for the manager. He intimidates me a bit and I am nervous!

10 September 2008

poor evan...

He has birds stuck in his hair and little houses growing out of his head.

I drew this for a Parson Red Heads t-shirt. If you want one, I'm assuming you will eventually be able to order one here.

05 September 2008

good morning

I woke up this morning at 6:45am to make my sister breakfast before she had to go to work. I made pancakes from scratch and used some of the blueberries I picked with Peggi a few weeks ago. They were very yummy!

As we were enjoying our early morning breakfast together, I spilled a little bit of my orange juice. It splattered on the table and turned out to look a lot like a chicken.

03 September 2008

frog in my throat

I've been meaning to write for so long, but I've been so busy that I just haven't had the time. I've been going non-stop for the past two weeks, most days working two jobs - sometimes three if you count the work I put in on my most recent contract job. As a result, I now have a really bad cold. This is the exact same pattern of last winter.

Speaking of which, I can hardly believe it's almost been a year since then. 2008 is going by so quickly, it's kind of freaking me out.

Now, all of the things I've wanted to talk about.

I spent last week helping the visuals team at Anthro with little things - like paper mache-ing bowls, painting houses on big white canvases and wrapping and knotting strips of different colored fabric around wires to make tree roots. I had burns and blisters on my fingers from hot glue guns and paint in my ears but I didn't care, I couldn't have been happier. I'd really like to be on the visuals team someday - so I'll do whatever I can for now until that day might come.

I went to Bumbershoot on Saturday with Ashley. We walked there and met up with our friends after they played. The Walkmen were so good. Without that performance, it wouldn't have been worth it to go. Although, I did enjoy the funnel cake and chocolate dipped strawberries almost as much!

My friends Gena & Charlie got married in Portland on Sunday. I brought my friend Kassi with me as my date. We left early and spent the day walking around the city, drinking lots of coffee and shopping. It felt like a mini-vacation in a way. I remembered how much I like Portland and got excited about the tentative plans I have to move there (or maybe L.A.) next Spring. I would do anything to get out of Seattle for a while.

The wedding was so much fun. All of my friends are scattered up and down the West Coast - some in Portland, some in Southern Oregon, some in L.A. So for all of us to be in one place at the same time was absolutely wonderful - especially because we were all gathered for such a special day. There was a photo booth at the venue they were married in, so all of us took full advantage... Some more than others. By the time I had to leave, Evan had the standing record of being in 11 photos. It almost feels like a dream to me now. I really didn't want to leave. I honestly think that wedding could have lasted for weeks - months even - and we would have all been totally okay with that.