30 July 2013


Gather ye rose-buds while ye may,
   Old Time is still a-flying;

And this same flower that smiles today
   Tomorrow will be dying.
The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,
   The higher he’s a-getting,
The sooner will his race be run,
   And nearer he’s to setting.
That age is best which is the first,
   When youth and blood are warmer;
But being spent, the worse, and worst
   Times still succeed the former.
Then be not coy, but use your time,
   And while ye may, go marry;
For having lost but once your prime,
   You may forever tarry.

                   -   ROBERT HERRICK

24 July 2013

Cake & Selfies

A few more recent photos I've been spending time with in the dark room. 

I will begin working on my final photo project this weekend and will be exploring a few different themes: minimalism, pattern, reflections and shadows. I'm excited to see what happens!

09 July 2013


Kai, Asher and I still go on imaginary trips to Hawaii, continue to play in tents in the back-yard, and will forever be "goofy grapes" completely. Kai will be five years old soon, and Asher three... How?!

In the last frame, Kai wondered, "There are hearts around us – how does the computer know we love each other?"

Always the sweetest words from this boy.

Some things never change.

03 July 2013


Laura Letinsky's still life photography is so rad.

01 July 2013

Breakin' / Wishin'

Taking a study break – made a little birthday wish list, just for kicks.

The last year of my twenties is upon me!

1. SkarGorn, #61 Tee (a perfect white t-shirt), 2. Kinfolk, Issue #8,  3. Karen Walker, Helter Skelter sunglasses, 4. Warby Parker, Wheeler sunglasses, 5. Wendy Nichol, Billy Kid Washed Tote 6. Martiniano, Glove Slipper, 7. L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Hand Cream, 8. Dior, Vernis nail polish, 9. Nars, Trouville nail polish, 10. Fresh Sugar Rosé lip balm (the best stuff ever).