30 September 2010

house warming

I had a few ladies over last night to make my new place feel a little warmer. I know it's only been a month, but living alone doesn't seem to be my cup of tea. I grew up in a full house with a loving family,  so I think a house (or apartment, in my case) does not feel like a home unless I have someone to share it with. I am a lot like my Gramma in this way, I think. Not to worry, though - I haven't given up on single living yet. Besides, I have 8 more months to learn how to enjoy it. So, anyway - packing my apartment with a dozen or so lovely ladies helped me to feel a little more at home. Their chatter and laughter filled the apartment. It made me so happy to see each of their beautiful faces smiling in my home (please note Olivia's oddly perfect doll teeth - ha!). 

The last photo really does not do it any justice, but I believe I managed to pull off close to if not one of the best desserts I've ever made. It was a plum-cardamom upside down cake, which I served with a vanilla custard sauce. So delicious! Had I not been in such a hurry putting it together before all the girls arrived, I would have taken some nicer pictures. The recipe was from Classic Stars Desserts by Emily Luchetti. After tasting that little bit of heaven, I am convinced I must try every recipe in her book. 

This dress by Geren Ford is so pretty. Too bad a nice dress isn't a remedy for a hurting heart.

29 September 2010

on october first

I will finally be launching my Etsy shop, Little Dipper on Friday. Spread the good news!

28 September 2010

looking back

Photos from July & August. Wishing again that I could go back in time - and stay there.

16 September 2010

new home

I moved into my own studio apartment a few weeks ago and have been settling in nicely. The space feels good and gets a lot of natural light in the mornings. That is, when the grey Seattle clouds are not looming about. My next door neighbors are a sweet old couple with white hair. They have a city style garden built on top of their garage. Sometimes I watch and listen as they water the flowers and play with their grandchildren. It adds a touch of warmth to my surroundings.  

I would like to hang pretty things on the wall and find a nice area rug to keep my feet warm. I also intend to treat myself to some Opinel kitchen knives and maybe a few new pieces of clothing to fill my big walk-in closet.

I haven't had to be alone too much yet, so I've avoided any major feelings of loneliness. I'm going to learn how to embrace an entirely new understanding of independence. It will be good for me, but probably will not come easily, as I already miss Evan deeply, and will soon be missing my sister, too.

13 September 2010

sad eyed lady

I'm trying to be positive and optimistic - but you know what? This week is just the pits, and next week will be, too. Why did my boyfriend and sister decide it would be a good idea to move away to the east coast and leave me here within one week of each other? Well let me tell you, it wasn't a good idea! It was an awful one.

Pout, cry, whine. I'm feeling really sorry for myself.

11 September 2010


Little Asher at 16 days old. 

09 September 2010

sneak peek

Due to the mini hurricane that my life is currently, I don't quite have my shop on track (hopeful launch date was 9/01). So, I thought I'd share a little bit of what Little Dipper has to come. I just have a few little kinks to work out and once I do, you can shop to your heart's content! I have a lot of great pieces for Baby's fall wardrobe, and a few things that will be necessities for your winter blue getaways to sunny places. 

I am now planning to open within the next couple of weeks. I'll keep you posted!