23 January 2009

oh bebe

I have a boyfriend. He likes me a lot, even though I have big teeth. I like him a lot, even though he has none.

19 January 2009

sunny sunday

I woke up this morning & the sun was shining so brightly through our bedroom window. Claire, Ashley and I spent the day taking full advantage of the sunshine. We had coffee and almond croissants at Joe Bar for breakfast. There was a sweet but sad little doggy sitting alone outside. He was so darling, I wanted to take him home with me. Then we went to the Fremont Flea Market where I bought a new kitchen table, linens and a comfy men's shirt. Once I set it all up at home with my also new red chairs, it felt as though I had a whole new kitchen. So exciting! Then we packed a picnic lunch and went to Lynn Street Beach where we sang songs, fed the ducks and took a lot of pictures. Claire went home and Ashley and I got straight to work on our dinner for Evan. He is such a wonderful person. It was a lovely, lovely evening. Now Claire is back, sleeping on our floor - our third sleep over this week!

Today was like a warm, beautiful reminder of why (despite all hardships, but also because of them) I love my life. I wish it never had to end.

12 January 2009

my mister knightley

Tonight Ashley & I made Chocolate Molten Cakes (with vanilla ice cream, of course!) and enjoyed them very much while watching Emma. They were so rich that we couldn't finish them, but so, so yummy!

I have watched so many Jane Austen films amongst other period films over the past few weeks. I have found myself wanting to always break into an English accent and refer to everyone by their last names with the appropriate title, Mr., Miss or Mrs., before them. Ashley thinks that the best part of the movie is when my emotions get the best of me and I end up in tears. She finds it to be extremely funny and never fails to point out what a sap I am. During Little Women last week, in the scene where Beth dies, I completely fell apart. She started laughing at me when in between sobs I managed to stammer, "Why... Aren't... You... Crying!?!" This sensitivity can be blamed on our mother who obviously passed that trait onto me. She cries over everything. Even though I always end up being made fun of by her, my sister is still my favorite person to watch those movies with. We were raised watching them with all the other girls in our family and will forever remind me of my Gramma, Mama & Auntie Lisa. Very sweet memories.

08 January 2009

another one

circus bear

"Love can free us from all excess, from our deepest debts. When our hearts are full, we need much less."

03 January 2009


One of the brightest of lights in my life. That is only one reason why.


01 January 2009

hello, 2009

Happy New Year.

Here's to 2009 being everything that 2008 wasn't.