28 May 2011

my spring break

I leave for New York bright and early tomorrow morning. It feels like it took forever to get here. I am so excited to get out of town, see my sister and enjoy the amazing weather. I know it will be humid - no need to send warnings. Believe you me, I will be glad for it! As long as there is sunshine and heat, I will not complain. 

I will pack plenty of shorts, dresses and books for picnics and lounging in the sun. I will paint my nails a bright coral to celebrate the summertime. I will bring both of my cameras and will capture every light and beautiful NYC moment. I will embrace my beloved sister, dear friend Viki, the city and sunshine with open arms!


Is this Erin Fetherston? Her hair, her posture, her dress, her face! So striking. Geeze, I may be a creep for saying this, but I kind of just want to be her for a second.

I found this image via someone's Pinterest, which I just fell subject to last night... As if I needed to sign up for one more internet time waster. 

27 May 2011


I went on a little walk through Volunteer Park today, popped into the conservatory, enjoyed the sunshine, some blueberry & basil lemonade, and an impromptu visit with a friend.

26 May 2011

for june

I've been expanding my poster making/fine art horizons lately. I am finally utilizing the huge box of watercolors, gouache and acrylic paints that have moved around with me for the past four or five years. While thrifting a couple of weeks ago, I found tons of old copies of National Geographic from the 20s and 30s. I've been cutting some of those apart for collages, combining them with watercolors and using what's left of my knowledge of graphic design to make them all work together.  

There is a poster I did a few weeks ago for these guys which I am not allowed to post now, as the tour hasn't been announced yet. This one, for their June tour, I put together pretty quickly and looks very different from the other pieces I've done recently. I love the idea of working with a simple and pretty palette, and relying on that to catch an eye - rather than fussing and stressing over detailed illustrations. I'll save those for my poor, neglected children's book that I started three years ago and haven't touched since. 

I think I'd like to get back into making posters again. In the past it was a good way of forcing myself to produce things. Sometimes it's hard to find the time or inspiration. As of now, I only have my ancient Fleet Foxes posters and the growing collection that I have made for the Red Heads over the years - none of which I'm all too fond of any longer. That should be good enough reason to start creating things again, I suppose.

25 May 2011

someday summer will come

I've had my heart set on this suit ever since I first saw it. I finally bit the bullet and ordered it this evening. I'm wondering if the palette and pattern combined with my fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes will make me look all the more like a child. In the case that it does, I've decided I would return it and get the all black one instead. 

I don't think I've worn a two-piece since I was four years old. A little nervous to bear so much skin!

24 May 2011

a day at metrode pt. 2

 Just a few more from the other day.

I loved Sara's shoes. They are Rachel Comey, of course (go figure).

Ps. I have got to get my hands on an SLR - and soon. Suggestions?

21 May 2011

a day at metrode

What a fun day! 

Caitlin, Michael, Sara and I woke up early this morning to set up shop, and then spent the rest of the day lounging about the beautiful space Caitlin envisioned. I had a lovely time, sitting amongst beautiful things and sweet ladies, meeting new people and dreaming about what more we could do together in the future. It's so much fun to share things with people that you like and believe in - especially when they've been handpicked by a good friend who has excellent taste.

We are planning to do more pop-ups throughout the summer. Next time it will be a collective between Caitlin, Sara and myself. Little Dipper will definitely be a part of it - but I have been thinking about expanding, simply for little events such as this one. I am really excited about the things to come.

Thank you, Caitlin for including me today. I love what you do and it's an honor to be a part of it!

Ps. I took quite a few pictures today, but didn't want to bombard you with all of them at once. So, the rest can be found on my flickr

want so bad

MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela Tie Dress

Tie Dress, MM6.

19 May 2011

i'll be there

Never mind what I said earlier - change of plans! I will definitely be at the Metrode Shop this Saturday. After giving it much thought, weighing pros & cons and discussing them with a few people, I decided that being a part of such a fun day and supporting my friend made much more sense. To top it off, my train ticket turned out to be fully refundable! Only $20, but even still - that was a pretty nice surprise. Too bad the airlines don't do that.

I'm really looking forward to helping Caitlin and capturing the day in photos. I hope to see you there!

Ps. Again, here are the details. For those of you who can't make it, you can shop Metrode any time at shopmetrode.com.

is that you, springtime?

The skies have been blue and the sun has been shining all week. I've been outdoors as much as possible; playing frisbee in the backyard with Kai, a bahn mi sandwich picnic with Christine, wearing heidi braids in my hair, strolling the streets in my new sandals, eating popsicles in the afternoon and waking up to sunlight across my bed in the morning. Ahhh.

I feel light as a feather.

17 May 2011


I imagined I was somewhere other than Seattle today as I rode the bus to work. The hills surrounding Lake Union were not occupied by familiar neighborhoods, the streets I travel down every day led to places I had never been, and at each turn I pretended I didn't know what was coming next. I imagined everything was unfamiliar, even the faces of the people I commute with daily. For most of the day I have been in such a dreamy state; my body may be surrounded by people and places that I know well, but my head is somewhere else completely.

It is hard for me to understand lately what exactly it is I need to do for myself in the coming days. There are hundreds of thoughts and desires flickering through my mind every day. So many doors are opening up, people are coming to me with their ideas and wanting to work with me on projects. I wish I could say yes to everything and take advantage of every possible opportunity. But, I have been longing to leave this place for a while, and lately I have been growing more and more restless. I am hungry for a new perspective on the world. I want to learn new things and meet new people. I want to remove myself from the reality that surrounds me and find the importance that lies in other things. 

I will be in New York in a couple of weeks for a mini-vacation and to visit my sister. She and I will start to make plans about traveling while I'm there. We would love to WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farming) our way through different places. We're not sure where yet, but we're both eager to go anywhere.

I can sense things happening - shifts and movements, transitions, changes. Big things are coming. I can feel it in my bones!

16 May 2011

pretty lil' thing

I want to see this on my finger. 

The Tiniest Pearl Ring, Satomi Kawakita at Catbird. 

metrode pop-up

I spent the afternoon with Caitlin yesterday, chatting over tea and cuddling with her kitties. I poked around in her studio, and took a peek at all of the beautiful new things she has found for Metrode. There were quite a few pieces I'd like to see in my own wardrobe (however I should probably do some purging before I add anything else!). I wish now that I had thought to take a few pictures. My brain has been creatively stunted lately.

Anyway, I think it's important that you all know she will be setting up shop at a space on Capitol Hill next weekend. Regretably, I won't be able to attend as I will be out of town for a wedding. I wish so deeply that I could be there to shop and hang out. I envy anybody that will have the opportunity to pop in. So, I really encourage anyone in the Seattle area to stop by and take a look around, have a few snacks, try some things on and if you're smart - make a purchase (or two)! 

The details are listed below & can be found here. You can also follow the Metrode blog for updates this week. 

What: Shop Metrode (in real life!)
When: Saturday May 21st, 11am to 3pm

Photo by Caitlin via Metrode.

14 May 2011

burning the midnight oil (and a hole in my pocket)

Shortly after deciding that these pieces would be a nice outfit - and just might compliment my new sandals well - I found that La Garconne had styled them together (well - not the same shoes, but pretty close). I have to admit, I felt a little proud of myself for that. 

I should stop lusting over things I cannot have - but I can almost guarantee that I never will. Ah, the curse of having expensive taste! I blame my grandmother; I inherited it from her.

1. Boatneck Sweater, Helmut Lang.
2. Knot Front Pleated Short, 3.1 Philip Lim.
3. Gaston Tassel Slip-On, Dieppa Restrepo.

Ps. I would love to spend some time in their latest lookbook -- and in those clothes.