21 November 2012

Once Upon A Time in Berlin

Just a little tour of Kassi & her beaux's place in Berlin. This day feels as though it occurred lightyears from now. It was a hot day. That evening we lounged in the grass at a park as the sun was going down. Sometimes I think I could cry, from that homesick-heartsick feeling, when I realize it all came and passed so quickly. I miss Europe and my friends daily. My memories are a distant dream.

Life just got crazy busy. I just started a new job, which means I now have two. Finals are around the corner, tuition for next quarter is due and I'm not sure I'll get the grants I need to pay for it. I am a little scared. I am nervous. I am doing my best to suppress the anxiety welling up from my belly - taking deep breaths and trying to focus on one day at a time. Sometimes I struggle with worrying over things which I haven't any (or little) control over. I have to remind myself that these things always work out, one way or another. 

07 November 2012

4 More!

I was a nervous wreck yesterday; glued to the television with a reserved confidence that my guy would pull through. I was almost certain he'd win with a small margin, but I did not expect him to sweep the country once again (albeit, a small-ish sweeping).