30 December 2009

squak mountain

Someday, my Daddy is going to design me a house.

28 December 2009

kristen marie

Kristen, me, Chris, Claire, Ashley & Jarred.

A few weeks ago, my sister and I had some friends over for a tree trimming gathering. Kristen, our lovely friend and a talented photographer, took some pictures and captured the essence of the night perfectly.

Please take a peek at the other photos she took that evening on her blog; and be sure to check out the rest of her work, too!

26 December 2009

Christmas is always over too soon, and this Christmas was awfully special, so I really didn't want it to end. It is hard to explain in a few words why, and to go into every story behind the significance of yesterdays happenings would take up a good amount of time. To describe my day as best as I can; the spirit of Christmas proved its ability to bring about miracles and began to mend the hearts of some that have been hurt or aching in my family for a long time. The first steps to healing broken relationships were made, and there was a warmth and feeling of forgiveness. A lot has been lost in my family over the past several years, and as I have grown, I have learned a lot about the truths of our pasts that have at times been disappointing and have saddened me deeply. We have our problems and imperfections just like everyone else; and as a little girl this was never evident to me - so as I've gotten older, it has been very hard at times to swallow the pain of the truths that I had been so sheltered and protected from. But after seeing everyone together yesterday, I am reminded of the power that love and family has.

The gift my parents gave me for Christmas this year was a perfect reflection of all that I have been learning as I get older and go through my own struggles, disappointments, hurts and downfalls, and what I hope to take from those experiences in order to grow from them. It is a locket that belonged to my Great-grandma Alice and was passed along to my Gramma, and then my Marmy. Inside the locket is a photograph of my Gramma and Papa Cal, who passed away 15 years ago. All three of the ladies who wore this before me were the eldest of all their siblings, (just as I am) and have been known to be the most strong, beautiful, loving and amazing women. It is my desire to live up to every single one of them in character and in the accomplishments of their lives as women, sisters, wives, mothers and grandmothers.

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas.

25 December 2009


I should be asleep right now, as I have to get up early to help Gramma with the baked apples, kolachi and sweet rolls for Christmas breakfast. I heard a secret that will surely make tomorrow's Christmas a very, very special one for my family. I almost cannot believe it.

Happy Christmas everyone!

19 December 2009

funny face

I have been lucky enough to enjoy two girl's nights this week with a few of my favorite people. Lovely ladies, pizza, bad rom-coms and plenty of silliness make for the best medicine. What did I ever do to deserve such smart, beautiful, talented & special women for friends?

18 December 2009

1 inch tall

I am attempting to attack and pursue new inspirations. This is my first try. I realized after I began that I purchased the wrong clay. I'm not sure how this will end up turning out, but soon after I finish sculpting and carving and molding, it will be in my oven. I suppose then I will see how good of a job I did. I have no idea what I am doing.

16 December 2009


Will I ever add up to everything I want to be?

12 December 2009

sweet & savory

The best combination.


Finally! Thank you to my dear friend Lara for helping to make my Rachel Comey boot dream come true.


Two things that I know I want for Christmas: A print of one of Carly Waito's gemstones and the bunny calendar by The Wild Unknown. I think I just might have to surprise myself with them.

11 December 2009


I am cold. I want to be warm. Would it be crazy to go on my own?

10 December 2009


Perhaps this may be a little ambitious, but I am going to attempt to create my own version of this cute & cozy United Bamboo balloon coat. I need to find some pretty boucle wool fabric but am having a hard time finding some online. Does anybody know of any nice fabric sites I might be missing?

07 December 2009

red heads

My friends from LA are doing a residency tour during the month of February. I illustrated their poster for them again, which is always a fun project since they give me full creative freedom! They will be staying at my place every Thursday night when they are playing in Seattle. I am really looking forward to seeing them so often. Usually they are here one night and have to pack up and go to their next destination, and I feel as though I am saying, "goodbye" just as soon as I've said, "hello". February, we are going to have so much fun!

06 December 2009

first tree

Today, Ashley and I drove out to the countryside and embarked on a hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. We found it, chopped it down, and it now is standing proudly in our living room. Our apartment is full of it's wonderful scent, making this place feel more like home than ever. I cannot wait to string the lights tomorrow and cover it's branches in the ornaments our mom has been giving us every year since our births.