24 June 2012

O Í C H E   M H A I T H ,   É I R E

Our last night in Ireland; a cotton candy sky with a perfect crescent moon, and homemade lemon & cherry sorbet. Tomorrow, the journey to Paris begins! I will shed some tears when saying my goodbyes to Heather, Paul, Scotia and Cleo.

23 June 2012

S H E R K I N   I S L A N D

Over a month ago, when Ashley and I first arrived in Ireland, we went to an art walk/outdoor exhibition on Sherkin Island. I completely forgot I had taken these. I thought I would share them before we're no longer in Ireland anymore. Only two more days until we're off to Paris. I will miss my friends here very much - it will be a very bittersweet departure!

Someone was having a rough day...

16 June 2012

L I T T L E    B L A C K    W I S H L I S T

In case you missed my previous update, we were able to rearrange our plans, and although it cost a pretty penny, I know it will be worth it - because, I mean - it's Paris! So, let your lists of favorite cafes, shops and walks floweth! 

I am so thrilled!!!

As you can imagine, the same few items of clothing I've been wearing since February are a bit worn out. All of my shoes have gotten a terrible beating and I haven't anything that one could still deem as pretty (although maybe some things once were). Each of my jeans - both black and blue, have holes in rather impolite areas. I hate the thought of going to France with holes in my pants. Thank goodness I have great parents who are shipping me some new ones from home! I just hope they get to me here in Ireland in time. 

Anyway, this is just for fun. I just think it would feel so nice to have a few perfectly simple black items to class everything up a bit. Of course there's absolutely no way I could purchase any one of these at this point in my travels... My bank account is looking, well. Scary.

2. Martin Margiela Line 11, Mirror Bag - one of those things I'm going to want forever.
4. Golden Goose, Standard Denim - these just may be my dream jeans.

14 June 2012

O L D   P A R I S   /   N E W   P L A N S

I miss this girl, and I still want that coat!

Some photos from my last trip to Paris in 2007. Sorry, I'm obsessing.

Ashley and I are trying to rearrange our plans to see if we can fit it in now. Cross your fingers for us!



{Post Script}

I'm trying to plan our last month (that's very difficult to say) of travel a little bit. I have all of these places I'd like to visit, or have already visited but would like to see again. I've placed a star next to the cities I've already been to. We have about three weeks to make our way around, so I may need to cut a couple of these out. Advice welcome!



Itter - attending a friend's wedding

Berne - digging up our roots!

Prague - digging up more roots!

11 June 2012

A    P A N G    O F    R E G R E T

I should have gone to Paris! If only we had the time and the money to go in July. For now I will watch this romantic footage of Ms. Édith Piaf singing La Vie en Rose and hope I can visit sometime soon.

10 June 2012

C R U I S I N'     T H E     C O A S T

We were blessed with some sunshine for most of the morning, so we went for a little Sunday drive along the coast. My head was perpetually pointed toward the heavens all day. The clouds were gorgeous!