31 August 2011

S I M P L Y     P E R F E C T

Cozy sweaters, boxy cuts, little socks and perfect trousers. These are all the things I want for fall.

29 August 2011

G R E A T   D A M E S

Ergh! Dust on the scanner.

My four day weekend involved watching too much Mad Men (I am addicted, even though it tends to only make me sad or angry - a very unhealthy relationship), a lot of baking, snacks with Dagny, a little Saturday evening party at Caitlin's with lots of lovely ladies - followed by late night drinks & catch-up time with Sharon... Lazy Sunday window shopping at Marigold & Mint and brunch with Sarah at Sitka & Spruce, many roaming sunny walks around Capitol Hill,  a tasty birthday feast in celebration of Toby (happy birthday, wonderful girl!) with a handful of simply great people... Monday morning pastries with Caitlin in the market, and an evening filled with very helpful & encouraging conversation with Christine.

By my count, that's around seven ladies (not all were mentioned by name - and still there are much more than that to be accounted for) that I spent my time with over the weekend. Each one just as smart, talented, beautiful, kind and giving as the others. Sorry if my gushing lately has become irritating or sounds boastful, but I can't help being completely bowled over by how fruitful my friendships are with the women in my life. Never before have I had such an abundance of female companions. My childhood was full of destructive and hurtful relationships with girls. Now it seems I am living the girlfriend dream, surrounded by this team of super women. This past year would have been impossible without them.

Girls, I have so much love and gratitude for each and every one of you.

I am so lucky. I am so happy. 

M O R E   D O E   B A Y

Just a few more from the last morning on Orcas Island and the bittersweet ferry ride home. What a good lookin' crew!

26 August 2011

F E A T H E R   D O W N   F A R M S

While Kai was in the bath yesterday, I sat on the bathroom floor next to the tub, leafing through an old issue of Lucky magazine, when I spotted a tiny picture of something that I thought might be worth investigating. Later, I went to the website noted in the caption and what I found was a treasure. I have no idea how this place escaped my knowledge until now.
Made of thick, protective canvas, our tents keep the warmth in without shutting the sounds of nature out, so you can wake up with everything around you. After a comfortable, deep sleep, you greet the day feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Our tents are cosy, calm places to start the day. From the moment you begin to stir, you’ll be struck with a sense of time and space – time to take it slow, space to let the day unfold. This is just the beginning of your rural retreat.

Soon you’ll be witnessing the passion our farmers have for tending to their livestock and produce. And as all our guests find they do, you’ll slow your pace, as you become familiar with their gentler way of life.

Jumping out of bed to fire up the stove; unzipping and rolling up the front of the tent to let the view in; laying the table for your family feast; collecting eggs from the Chicken Coop; a trip to the Honesty Shop for bacon and milk... No urgent deadlines to meet, no traffic jams to get stuck in...
... The day’s start is simply about the gathering, the cooking and the eating of breakfast, together.
 All our tents have coffee grinders, so as you wait for the kettle to gently bubble, you grind the beans to make your morning pot. This sets the pace for breakfast, everyone in their pajamas and extra rounds of toast.

I don't think that could sound any dreamier, and yet it still gets better.

I must go there. Who's coming with me?

25 August 2011

H O W   T O   U N W I N D

1. Sit down and open up the new issue of Bon Appétit.
2. Select a recipe, preferably something sweet.
3. Make it.
4. Open a window, feel the breeze. Put on a record. Pour yourself a glass of milk. Enjoy.

PS. I finally got around to adding an About section yesterday, which I'm a little self-conscious of (not quite sure why). Most of you already know what is written there, though - nothing new!

24 August 2011

R E M E M B E R     M E ?

Finding a quiet moment, where my mind isn't reeling or something else isn't needing attention, has been difficult lately. There's so much to do, so much to think about, so many things to tend to. I'm feeling overwhelmed, a little stressed (still) and confused (still) - but nevertheless, everything is so good (with the exception of Kai... Little friend, who are you these days!? Where did my sweet boy go?).

I hate being neglectful of this place, as it is one of the things that I really love to do most. I hope to find some time this weekend to sit down and spend some one on one time with you, dear blog and faraway friends.

Until then... Does anybody have some great ideas for a small wedding? Also maybe some parenting tips on the Terrible Threes (the 'Twos' were a breeze)?

20 August 2011


My oh my! After years of coveting the Penpals, I finally got them. This never would have come to pass without my darling friends who contributed to the Totokaelo gift certificate for my birthday*. Thank you, sweetest ladies! My feet are happy.

Also, dear Olivia gave myself and a friend each a candle. Such a sweet little token and smells so nice on a sunny summer morning.

I have been overwhelmed this week by the riches of my friendships. It's funny how only a year ago I had just a small (but wonderful) group of friends - and now I have so many and more in the works. So lucky am I!

*I also got this Edith A. Miller romper with it, too. I think it's a little big, but I can deal with that for $65!

16 August 2011

T H E   F U L L   M O O N   F E S T I V A L

There is nothing else like this!

I woke up to dreamlike foggy mornings where the sunshine burst through the tall tree tops in smoky rays. I wandered around the 36 acres of Doe Bay with my sister, coffee and camera in hand, and came upon a familiar face in the woods who was playing his guitar and singing so sweetly. Every day the sunshine would burn off the hazy mornings, the fog slowly creeping out to the haunting sounds of Damien's voice echoing throughout the bay.  I spent hours lounging and laughing in the sunshine with some of my favorite people. We danced and sang our hearts out from noon to night. Nothing can compare to the sound or feeling of hundreds of voices all joining in song at once (some examples here & here). I enjoyed moments alone with my book (The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by The Maria Trapp! Dreamy!) during warm afternoons in the shade of the crooked tree that stretched out from our campsite. Late in the evenings the full moon would appear and at night it shone so brightly, we didn't even need flashlights. I laughed harder than I have in a long time, met lots of lovely people, made new friends and so many wonderful memories of which I will never forget. Doe Bay Fest was so much more than a music festival - it was an entirely different experience, that unless you were there, is hard to accurately explain. It may sound like I'm exaggerating, but truly it was almost ethereal - more than I ever dreamed it would be. Completely glorious! 

Now as I lay here in my big empty bed, Ashley is back home in New York and I am feeling homesick for our little tent home under the meandering tree. I cannot wait - cannot wait - to go back next year.

Below is a list of bands/musicians you must experience by some of the most talented and awesome people from the weekend, some of which I'm honored to call my friends. 

1. Pickwick - Simply the most fun performance I've seen - and simply the best guys, too.
2. Bryan John Appleby - As I've said before, you mustn't miss out on this.
3. Campfire OK - Mychal is hilarious & sweet, Melodie was named appropriately; she has the voice of an angel & a heart of gold.
4. Frank Fairfield  - This guy!! So amazing.
5. Lemolo - Two of the best ladies, beautiful music.
6. Damien Jurado  - Obviously.

Ps. I have another roll of film I need to finish and develop, so there will be more to come - including some digital, but not many. Also, take a peek at my lovely & talented friend Sarah's photos from the weekend here. She did a beautiful job of capturing the spirit of it all.

Video of Campfire Ok by me. Video of Pickwick by Allison Fearn.