26 August 2011

F E A T H E R   D O W N   F A R M S

While Kai was in the bath yesterday, I sat on the bathroom floor next to the tub, leafing through an old issue of Lucky magazine, when I spotted a tiny picture of something that I thought might be worth investigating. Later, I went to the website noted in the caption and what I found was a treasure. I have no idea how this place escaped my knowledge until now.
Made of thick, protective canvas, our tents keep the warmth in without shutting the sounds of nature out, so you can wake up with everything around you. After a comfortable, deep sleep, you greet the day feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Our tents are cosy, calm places to start the day. From the moment you begin to stir, you’ll be struck with a sense of time and space – time to take it slow, space to let the day unfold. This is just the beginning of your rural retreat.

Soon you’ll be witnessing the passion our farmers have for tending to their livestock and produce. And as all our guests find they do, you’ll slow your pace, as you become familiar with their gentler way of life.

Jumping out of bed to fire up the stove; unzipping and rolling up the front of the tent to let the view in; laying the table for your family feast; collecting eggs from the Chicken Coop; a trip to the Honesty Shop for bacon and milk... No urgent deadlines to meet, no traffic jams to get stuck in...
... The day’s start is simply about the gathering, the cooking and the eating of breakfast, together.
 All our tents have coffee grinders, so as you wait for the kettle to gently bubble, you grind the beans to make your morning pot. This sets the pace for breakfast, everyone in their pajamas and extra rounds of toast.

I don't think that could sound any dreamier, and yet it still gets better.

I must go there. Who's coming with me?


  1. That looks amazing! I would love to spend a weekend in either one of their locations. And the photo of the elderberries reminded me to pick some before they go bad.  just made some delicious (if i must say so myself ;) elderberry soup. have you ever tried cooking with elderberries? or do they even grow overthere?

  2. i remember reading about this place in a magazine years ago.   looks like dreamstreet to me.

  3. Rebecca ChristopherAugust 27, 2011 at 4:35 PM

    after seeing this, i visited the website. my husband and i got a huge jar and we're saving all our money from now until october 2012 to go!

  4. sign me up for a trip!