31 July 2010


Dear friends,

Very soon I will be opening my very own Etsy shop. I have been scouring the nooks and crannies of Seattle to bring to you sweet little numbers for wee ones. Spread the word! I am excited about this project and am hopeful that it will do well.


26 July 2010


I want some Dieppa Restrepo shoes for fall pretty badly.

16 July 2010

doe bay, cont.

I think perhaps I may have jinxed myself when I said I would have lots of lovely moments captured on film to share. With my head hanging low I must say, they turned out rather dull. They do not adequately reflect the fun or the beauty of the weekend. I am pretty disappointed. I suppose that can be a risk that is taken when using film rather than a digital camera. Poo-poo. Nevertheless, here are a few anyway.

Tomorrow, my sister and I will be driving up to Vancouver, B.C. where our dear friend Stephen, whose  residence is located across the pond, will be waiting for us. He is coming to visit for 12 days, and after not having seen him for a couple of years, I am pretty excited to have him around. A very special treat, indeed!

On a side-note; I apologize for those of you who visit my blog regularly and hear my sweet Gramma's voice singing me the birthday song every time you load the page. I can't figure out the correct code in order to stop the auto play. So sorry! I do hope her voice brings a smile, and that it does not become too spooky after awhile. It will be bumped to the next page sooner or later!

13 July 2010

shop girls

Olivia and Caitlin at the Capitol Hill Yard Sale, a little while ago. This was a fun day for me.

12 July 2010

the weekend

Here is a little peek into my weekend at Doe Bay. I had such a wonderful time with my friends. Returning home was so hard to do. I wish we could have stayed longer; or forever, even. These two photographs I borrowed from my friend Tae. He did a perfect job of capturing the general vibe of the weekend (see more here). I have film to develop, and once I do you can bet your bottom you'll see a bunch more (assuming they turn out well). 

Oh, Doe Bay! Oh, friends! I am lonely for you and it has only been one day.

08 July 2010

summer time, finally

This morning was spent splashing in the wading pool at Greenlake with Kai. The sun is finally here and we are both loving it. The next few months will be full of days just like this one. I couldn't be happier!

This weekend, I am going camping with friends to celebrate mine and Amee's birthdays. I am so excited to get out of the city and do nothing but swim, play in the sunshine and sleep under the stars. I plan to take lots of photographs. Hopefully I'll have plenty lovely moments to share with you next week.

06 July 2010

birthday message

My Gramma's birthday message to me.

03 July 2010


I would very much like to own one of these.


02 July 2010

morning walk

A pretty pocket of wildflowers hiding on Capitol Hill.