30 April 2010

oil spill from space

This is making me so sad. 

27 April 2010


Eeep! I cannot wait to see this. I am bonkers for babies.

suiting up

Oh, how I wish I had little boobs and a flat tummy! I have been keeping my eyes open for the perfect bathing suit for this summer ever since last fall and haven't had much luck. There have been a few, but none quite as cute as this.

21 April 2010

craigslist treasures

Gosh darn it. There's so many nice things (mostly chairs, apparently) that I would love to own. I torture myself every day with the new furniture added to Craigslist. If only I could afford it all... I am certain I would have the loveliest apartment in all of Seattle.

neighborhood friends


15 April 2010

today with kai

The cows seemed a bit suspicious of us at first...
But not even the Mini Panda Cattle can resist Kai's charm.

My day was not going the way I had foreseen it. I was awfully grumpy. But as you can see, things turned around. There's nothing some friendly farm animals, Molly Moon ice cream and my best friend Kai can't fix.

11 April 2010

a tip

Ah! So good, always good.

10 April 2010

a travel query

Dear friends,

My employers are going to be out of town for two weeks in May, allowing a little vacation time for myself. I have contemplated different options, however I haven't settled on anything quite yet. I have a small budget and no traveling companions (friends and boyfriend are busy with work and/or other plans). I don't want to end up sitting around Seattle the entire time! What do you think I should do? Where would you go?

08 April 2010

must gush

On Todd Selby's twitter yesterday, he tweeted that he was doing a casting call for the next Cole Haan ad campaign, which he is shooting. I immediately thought of my friend Olivia and her boyfriend, Robin. They are an attractive, talented young couple and would be perfect for this sort of thing. I emailed Todd Selby's assistant to give her the heads up about them. As she and I wrote back and forth throughout the day and part of this afternoon, I decided to go out on a limb and submit a photo of myself and Kai, hoping that his cuteness might rub off on me, and that by playing the hip nanny card,  I might be more appealing. She wrote me back and said "they" (she and Todd?!) thought I was adorable - but sadly (so sadly) upon discovering that I live in Seattle, it wouldn't be possible as they need New Yorkers. Shoot! Oh well, I was close to being in The Selby's next photoshoot and that's good enough for me.

While speaking of The Selby, I received his book in the mail yesterday. I looked through it twice last night and bookmarked some of my favorites. I will probably pour over it more this evening.

07 April 2010

I feel good

still waiting

April's weather is toying with me. It has been so blustery and rainy the past couple of weeks. When will the sun shine again? It has been months of yearning for springtime and after a little tease, the rain and wind have returned. I am longing for summer days! Beaches, drippy popsicles and floppy hats!


Kai and I have been listening to/watching this on repeat for the past two days. I was singing it in the shower this morning and Ashley found it pretty amusing. I guess I can't help it really, but I am probably more of a mom (without being a mom) than I mean to be.

06 April 2010


Blerg! I am so tired of all of these weird Chinese spam comments. Is anybody else getting loads of them? I just had to go through and delete 10 of them.

Edit: After doing a teensy bit of research (maybe not enough?) I read that switching all comments over so that they are posted and moderated through Disqus gets rid of the spammers. How does everyone feel about this? I'm kind of confused. Should I switch it back? Can any of you even comment any longer?

02 April 2010

dear mister sandman

I cannot stand staring at the dark, fuzzy shadows in my room any longer. This is the worst. I've been trying to sleep for the past four hours. I've tried reading, I've tried clearing my mind and focusing all of my energy on nothingness (a method I used as a child while restlessly awaiting Christmas morning to arrive), I've tried getting up and laying back down again. Nothing works, even though I am completely exhausted and still trying to recover from a rather defeating bout with the flu (I truly felt like death on Tuesday). So now I am clicking through the Nasa images database, hoping that pouring myself over the mysteries of the nighttime skies will lure my mind into a dreamy, heavy, much needed sleep.