06 April 2010


Blerg! I am so tired of all of these weird Chinese spam comments. Is anybody else getting loads of them? I just had to go through and delete 10 of them.

Edit: After doing a teensy bit of research (maybe not enough?) I read that switching all comments over so that they are posted and moderated through Disqus gets rid of the spammers. How does everyone feel about this? I'm kind of confused. Should I switch it back? Can any of you even comment any longer?


  1. I can't say I've ever got one of those. Were your settings allowing anonymous comments? I can't remember, did you have that word verification thing?

  2. I've been getting tons of them recently. The problem is they are not anonoymous - they are registered users with accounts solely for the purpose of spamming. So irritating.

    The more I play with this Disqus thing, the more I think I might like it. It integrates everything (twitter, facebook, etc). What do you think?

  3. I think it's good!
    I had a bit of trouble with disqus when I tried to put comments on my tumblr. But you must be better at html than I am, haha.

  4. It took some tweaking but I finally got it to work. I don't know about tumblr though. If I can help, let me know!

  5. Yay disqus! I use it on my tumblr, but in general I think blogspot commenting is fine. You should turn on the "captcha" photo thing, unless you already had that setting on and it didn't prevent spam.

    But regardless I like Disqus so it doesn't bother me that you changed to it. AND it allows you to respond directly to someone's comment which the blogspot commenting doesn't allow.

  6. I did have captcha enabled, but it didn't matter because it's actual people who are spamming. They create blogger accounts and then comment on random entries. Hopefully using Disqus will stop that while allowing more people to comment at the same time.