28 July 2012


Seattle in 48 hours and 47 minutes.

This is such a strange feeling! How did five months go by so quickly? How can it be that this adventure is nearly over?

16 July 2012

Q U I C K L Y, Q U I C K L Y

Hello from Vienna! 

Just a short note to apologize for my absence. We are traveling every few days now and usually without internet, so I haven't had much time or opportunity to update. It has been so much fun and there is more to come. In just a few hours we will be hopping on a train to PRAGUE! I am so excited about this - I have wanted to go to Prague for years as my Grandma is Czech and has brought a lot of the recipes and traditions into the family. My friend Bianca, with whom we are staying with in Vienna right now (the sweetest thing there ever was!) has decided to come along with us. I couldn't be happier!

I think it is safe to say that I won't be catching up on blogging until I return home. Don't worry, you won't have to wait much longer to see the rest of Paris, our adventures in the small villages of Southern Germany, Itter, Salzburg and Vienna... I return home in just two weeks. I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. 

So, the next time you hear from me I will probably be in Seattle again. Oof! 

Until then...

PS. Tips on your favorite places and things to do in Prague are very welcome! 

06 July 2012

P A R I S ,    D A Y    T H R E E

We started our morning with a boat tour along The Seine, followed by a visit to Laudurée in Saint Germain where we loaded up on the most beautiful and delicious treats I've ever had. I'd heard from a few that the macarons there are the best, but you can't even begin to imagine how beautiful they are until you've actually had one. Pétal de Rose is my favorite. The inside of the shop is absolutely charming, but they wouldn't allow photos so I had to sneak them through the windows. We had a tasty lunch at Café de Flore (Rillettes, yum!!) and then enjoyed a stroll around the city in the sunshine. Ashley and I visited the Eiffel Tower after our friend Salomé went to class. We found some shelter from the hot sun under a tree where we both were pooped on by some kindly birds. Bonne chance!

On a side note, today is my birthday! We are going to Austria this afternoon for our friends wedding. My parents and I have been joking that I am returning to The Home Land as I was conceived in Austria 28 years ago. We think it's funny. :)

03 July 2012

H E A D   O V E R   H E E L S

Tuesday, June 26 & Wednesday, June 27

Bonjour mes amis! 

Here I am after a long silence, feeling so overwhelmed with all of the catching up I'd like to do. Paris was incredible - for now I will let the photos do the story telling. Again though, I find myself feeling disappointed with what I have to share. It's so frustrating to leave a beautiful place full of amazing memories and feel this way. Perhaps it's simply that I don't feel I am capable of capturing Paris and all of it's romance and beauty.

Today we arrived in Germany where we are with our friends to celebrate a very special couple. Their wedding is this weekend in Austria. I can promise you lots of great photos and stories are to come!


There's so much more to come. My photos seem to get better as the days go on. I think I was feeling so excited and overwhelmed I spent most of our first few days in a haze and only started paying more attention to detail later on. Anyway, you'll see for yourself - and with them I'll go into detail about the whole week.