03 July 2012

H E A D   O V E R   H E E L S

Tuesday, June 26 & Wednesday, June 27

Bonjour mes amis! 

Here I am after a long silence, feeling so overwhelmed with all of the catching up I'd like to do. Paris was incredible - for now I will let the photos do the story telling. Again though, I find myself feeling disappointed with what I have to share. It's so frustrating to leave a beautiful place full of amazing memories and feel this way. Perhaps it's simply that I don't feel I am capable of capturing Paris and all of it's romance and beauty.

Today we arrived in Germany where we are with our friends to celebrate a very special couple. Their wedding is this weekend in Austria. I can promise you lots of great photos and stories are to come!


There's so much more to come. My photos seem to get better as the days go on. I think I was feeling so excited and overwhelmed I spent most of our first few days in a haze and only started paying more attention to detail later on. Anyway, you'll see for yourself - and with them I'll go into detail about the whole week. 


  1. god, isn't paris amazing?!  i recognize a lot of the places i visited (and stayed!) in your photos....montmartre, sacre coeur, the l'orangerie gallery...now i'm all nostalgic + wishing i could go back!  :)

    (on a french-grammar note, it's actually mes amis, not mon amis, since mes is the plural of mon.  not that it's a big deal!)

  2. I am completely in love. Now I'm dreaming of ways to move there!

    Thanks for the correction - I blame Google Translate. ;)

  3. onyourdancingshoesJuly 4, 2012 at 9:04 AM

    Your blog and photographs are wonderful, and Paris is just a m a z i n g. 
    I'm also in love with this city, thanks for showing us through your camera lenses the most beautiful places of it.

  4. pff, google, what does it know?!  (clearly not french!  haha.)

    and i'm SO with you on the moving there...if only my french were stronger, i'd go there to teach english or bake croissants or lead tourist groups around all day!  something - anything - to live in that lovely city!