31 July 2011


Cannon Ball!

Pretty dreamy weekend! They call Yakima the Palm Springs of Washington, and now I know why. My sister, cousin Sophi and myself had such a lovely time at our aunt and uncle's place. We were only there for one night, but being that the surroundings, climate and lifestyle are so far removed from my life in Seattle, it felt like much longer. Upon our arrival we immediately clamored into our suits and jumped into the pool, where we spent a few hours laughing and splashing around. Our uncle, being the wonderful host that he is, served us iced coffees and PB&J sandwiches poolside - perfect for a hot, summer afternoon lunch. I sun-dried on the patio in the 90 degree heat whilst reading my book (The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Milan Kundera) and occasionally got up to roam around and take some pictures. The next morning, just as rumored, Unc made a perfect breakfast of blueberry pancakes, eggs, bacon, coffee and orange juice. It was such a peaceful and relaxing time; a perfect mini-vacation. Needless to say, I'll be making every effort to return as often as possible!

I tried using 200 speed film for the roll that I took during our visit and have found that I much prefer it to 400. It produces much softer photographs and prettier colors, whereas 400 is grainy and at times quite dull (I think). I loved just about every picture from the roll I took in Yakima, although that also can probably be attributed to the subjects and landscapes that were so easily available to capture. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm pretty excited to get better at this.

27 July 2011

the white flag

Vanessa Bruno Athé Printed Tie Waist DressVanessa Bruno Athé Printed Tie Waist Dress
Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 Platform PumpMaison Martin Margiela Line 22 Platform Pump
Vanessa Bruno Athé Ruched Jersey DressVanessa Bruno Athé Ruched Jersey Dress
Rag & Bone Original Newbury BootRag & Bone Original Newbury Boot
Alexander Wang Silk Shirtdress w/ OverlayAlexander Wang Silk Shirtdress w/ Overlay

Since this season seems to be incredibly confused (or simply cruel),  pretending to be summer for two days at a time and then slipping back into fall, I've just decided to try and ignore its fickle and heartbreaking behavior and look forward to cooler days instead. All of the beautiful clothes coming out for the crisp months ahead make it a little easier to embrace.

This weekend, however, I plan to seek out the sunshine, since it refuses to visit us here. My sister and I are borrowing our mother's car and traveling east over the Cascades and into the valley of Yakima. Our uncle just bought a home out there on a beautiful spread of land. He has cherry trees, a swimming pool, and without the mountains and the puget sound commiserating to create endless overcast, we are to be guaranteed lots of sunshine. What's more -- rumor has it he makes blueberry pancakes for breakfast and steak tacos for dinner. Sounds pretty good to me.

Ps. Please accept my apologies. I realize that 80% of the content here for the past few months has been about the weather. I fear I've been rather redundant and therefore a bore. What can I say? It really gets my panties in a bunch.

1. Vanessa Bruno Athé, Printed Tie Waist Dress, 2. Maison Martin Margiela Line 22, Platform Pump, 3. Vanessa Bruno Athé, Rouched Jersey Dress, 4. Rag & Bone, Original Newbury Boot, 5. Alexander Wang, Silk Shirtdress with Overlay

25 July 2011

light leaks

Here again are a couple experimental shots from my trip to Portland a little while back. I have only a couple of exposures left on my second roll, so I will take those and then develop them soon. Though I do prefer the outcome of film photographs, I am finding it pretty difficult to go without a digital camera as well. It's impossible to update my shop, or list the clothes from my own wardrobe that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, which I really need and want to do. It also makes the whole business of blogging a bit difficult - not to mention, expensive. I can't bring myself to shoot pictures of trivial things. For example, I'd like to share the way I've rearranged the furniture in my apartment, but not so much that I would take the time to use up a whole roll of film in a day just to post about it.  I really must find a way to correct this situation soon! 

In retrospect, I suppose I could have used the birthday money from my parents and Gramma for a new camera - but I got carried away by the excitement of winning this dress on ebay (I'm finding what I've been told about ebay is true; the thrill of bidding and then winning is addictive) and spent most of it on that. That may have been a dumb move, now that I think about it. 

I hope it fits.

23 July 2011


Today is the day! I know it is Block Party weekend here in Seattle, but I would really love to see some familiar and some new faces. Please come, even just to look and have a snack!

22 July 2011


Happy Birthday to the loveliest of lovely ladies, the the sweetest thing, my favorite gal, Olivia Park-Sargent

21 July 2011

first roll & then some

A selection from the first roll of film from my Canon A-1. Nothing spectacular yet, but a few sweet memories.

Today is my father's 60th birthday. We are taking him on a little day trip up to Mount Rainier. He (nor I) has ever been up there before, so his birthday treat - albeit, not his only - is to spend a full day with his family in a new, beautiful place. I've heard the weather up there isn't too nice, so if you'll keep your fingers crossed for us I'd be grateful!

I have been busy busy busy this week with three birthdays and preparing for the sale. Somehow my sister and I got distracted from scheduled duties last night and rearranged my entire apartment. It feels very foreign in here to me right now. I'm not sure what inspired me to change everything around when I don't plan to be here much longer. I have been experiencing so much anxiety about the big move I announced earlier. Perhaps by the moving of furniture I was hoping to find that a rearranged apartment was all I really needed for change. 

18 July 2011


I've been going through all of my photos of Kai and my little cousins, trying to find pictures that might help earn me some points for a job I'm applying for. I stumbled upon this video that we made in May of last year. It makes my heart so melty. I am amazed at how much Kai has grown and changed since then.

September is getting way too close. :(


A little collection of images pulled from my phone.

17 July 2011

sharp shooter

Acne Pistol Ankle Boot
Oh yes.

Acne Pistol Ankle Boot at La Garconne.


I am embracing a dark and cloudy July day with a hot cup of chai and a book, walks in the rain wearing my new $4 hat, and taking fuzzy photos with a broken camera. I guess the hazy spookiness of the pictures suits the sky outside pretty well.

16 July 2011


This little ring is so pretty. Hmmm... Is this something I want to use a little part of my Totokaelo money on? I certainly could use a nice little thing to cheer me up, after all. My sister (she is visiting for 5 weeks!) and I walked down to the camera repair shop yesterday morning to have them take a look at my camera. They said that it wasn't possible to fix it, and that the only option would be to send for a refurbished one - which costs just about the same as a new one.

I turned away with my head hanging low and my heart broken. I really cannot afford to purchase a new camera right now, not with all of these New York plans approaching so soon. I am so angry at myself for dropping it the other day. What a dumb-dumb. A hard lesson learned; always wear the wrist band! What am I supposed to do without it?! That little guy was precious to me - I toted it around with me everywhere. 

This may mean fewer updates for a while, which makes me sad. I was really looking forward to taking lots of pictures at our pop-up shop next weekend. Hopefully I will come up with a solution soon. I simply cannot go all summer without one. I do not trust myself enough yet with my new/old analog camera to consistently take good pictures. There are too many great things happening in the coming weeks, I will be heartbroken if I'm not able to keep the memories in photos. 

14 July 2011

pop-up 2.0

Come one, come all! 

Next Saturday Caitlin, Sara and myself will be putting on a second pop-up shop. This time, in addition to Metrode, a selection from Little Dipper will be available, as will some lovely lady things from Sara's collection. I am excited to participate this time!

12 July 2011

more from portland

I forgot I still had some photos left over from my little trip to Portland. That Saturday was spent galavanting all over town. We did a lot of whimpering and window shopping since most of the stores were closed for the holiday weekend, which was disappointing (but probably best for my pocketbook). After some Stumptown rejuvenation (stubbies!), we wandered the streets of downtown and poked around Frances May a bit. I spotted a Creatures of Comfort dress, who wanted very much for me take it home, but I knew better than to fall for its seductive tricks. That evening, Anastasia, Nate and I went out for some cheap mexican food and afterward took a little sit in the park. We then went home to play Settlers of Catan and, not to brag or anything, but I won.