27 July 2011

the white flag

Vanessa Bruno Athé Printed Tie Waist DressVanessa Bruno Athé Printed Tie Waist Dress
Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 Platform PumpMaison Martin Margiela Line 22 Platform Pump
Vanessa Bruno Athé Ruched Jersey DressVanessa Bruno Athé Ruched Jersey Dress
Rag & Bone Original Newbury BootRag & Bone Original Newbury Boot
Alexander Wang Silk Shirtdress w/ OverlayAlexander Wang Silk Shirtdress w/ Overlay

Since this season seems to be incredibly confused (or simply cruel),  pretending to be summer for two days at a time and then slipping back into fall, I've just decided to try and ignore its fickle and heartbreaking behavior and look forward to cooler days instead. All of the beautiful clothes coming out for the crisp months ahead make it a little easier to embrace.

This weekend, however, I plan to seek out the sunshine, since it refuses to visit us here. My sister and I are borrowing our mother's car and traveling east over the Cascades and into the valley of Yakima. Our uncle just bought a home out there on a beautiful spread of land. He has cherry trees, a swimming pool, and without the mountains and the puget sound commiserating to create endless overcast, we are to be guaranteed lots of sunshine. What's more -- rumor has it he makes blueberry pancakes for breakfast and steak tacos for dinner. Sounds pretty good to me.

Ps. Please accept my apologies. I realize that 80% of the content here for the past few months has been about the weather. I fear I've been rather redundant and therefore a bore. What can I say? It really gets my panties in a bunch.

1. Vanessa Bruno Athé, Printed Tie Waist Dress, 2. Maison Martin Margiela Line 22, Platform Pump, 3. Vanessa Bruno Athé, Rouched Jersey Dress, 4. Rag & Bone, Original Newbury Boot, 5. Alexander Wang, Silk Shirtdress with Overlay

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