29 June 2009


Treasures I salvaged from my family garage sale; Old, old glass jars & bottles, my father's old drafting & art supplies, and a few things from my childhood that I just could not let go of (not pictured).

I spent the entire weekend at my parent's house so that I could help out with the garage sale. It was so lovely being with my family. They make me feel as though everything is right with the world. How lucky I am to have been blessed with a family so sweet, loving and fun.

27 June 2009

cadence & kai

The little ones in my life.

24 June 2009

07 June 2009

camano island

A day with Olivia. I am so happy to have such a perfect lady as my friend. Every time we spend time together, it just confirms even more that we were kept apart for too long. I guess we will just have to keep creating more memories and spontaneous adventures to make up for lost time.

02 June 2009

oh, september

You couldn't come soon enough!

baby trots

Taking a stroll in the park. Little beebee is getting so big!