31 August 2012

V I E N N A ,   D A Y   O N E

I felt so excited to be in Vienna. Something about it charmed me instantly. Of course, Bianca - sweet, sweet lady - she was pretty charming, too. We had been "pen pals" for quite a while and met for the first time here. She welcomed us to stay in her apartment and because we felt such a close connection instantly, she accompanied us to Prague only a few days later. 

30 August 2012

I S A B E L ' S   J E W E L R Y

Just doing some late night La Garçonne browsing, which doesn't happen very often these days. I'm broke as a joke! So, I was happy to find that Isabel Marant's new pretty little things are not very expensive.

1. What a cute little bag they come in! Of course.
2. Golden Eyes Bracelet, $70.
3. Joplin Bracelet with Beads, $100.
4. Santa Fe Beaded Necklace, $135.

And more...

23 August 2012

S A L Z B U R G ,   D A Y   0 2

- July 10, 2012 -

The Von Trapp family house in The Sound of Music. I shouldn't admit this so publicly - but what the heck! I teared up once I laid my eyes upon it, I really did. 

This is a beautiful place in the world.

22 August 2012

C A I T L I N   W E A V E S

My friend Caitlin started weaving not long ago. I love everything about what she creates. Someday when I have my own place again, I will commission her for one and very proudly hang it on my wall.

Ps. Caitlin is also having a big final sale over at Metrode. Check it out!

Photos by Caitlin Emeritz

S A L Z B U R G ,   D A Y   0 1

What I remember...

July 9, 2012

Naps on the train from Itter to Salzburg, brief sunbreaks appeared on the mountains. A very posh British family, made up of a mother and father, a 20 something boy and three teenage girls, drinking wine & spirits and reading romance novels. They let me use their iPhone to text a friend when we realized we were on the wrong/slow train. They were the source of much amusement. Prior to our arrival in Salzburg I overheard the father say to his son, "Have you any vodka left? I never can arrive in Salzburg sober." Arrived in Salzburg several hours later than planned. The family each donned their matching white fedoras and discovered their driver waiting for them on the platform. I ate a pretzel and weißwurst for dinner, went on an evening walk, shared an ice cream with Ashley and took in the city from a high place. Salzburg is beautiful at night.

14 August 2012

O . K .   T O   L O O K

What I shouldn't be doing right now, is looking at all of the stuff I wish I could have from MNZ. Not only do I hardly have a penny to my name, but I know summer would be pretty upset with me if it knew I was emotionally cheating on it with fall coats and sweaters.

Oh well. I'm just looking.

1. Étoile Isabel Marant, Ouda Wyoming Knit Sweater.
2. Étoile Isabel Marant, Momo Heather Jacket.
3. Étoile Isabel Marant, Odelia Heavy Cowens Coat.
4. Carven, Drap Caban Coat.
5. Rochas, Borsa Severine.
6. Étoile Isabel Marant, Pila Woolen Ribs Knit Sweater & Nelson Shorts.

13 August 2012

I N    T H E    S U N

Some lo-fi shots brought to you by my Instagram.

I promise, more Europe updates coming soon! I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to sit down and edit everything. The sun has been out and the beach has been calling my name on a daily basis! Please forgive the delay.

08 August 2012


After a long, long, long bus ride from Paris to Munich, we hopped on a train to Pöcking where we joined our friends before the impending wedding. A group of us walked down to Starnberger See that evening where some of us took a dip. I enjoyed the view from the beach. The water was crystal clear and beautiful.

I took so many photos that weekend, it's going to take me forever to get through them all. Oof! Here's the beginning, at least.