31 August 2012

V I E N N A ,   D A Y   O N E

I felt so excited to be in Vienna. Something about it charmed me instantly. Of course, Bianca - sweet, sweet lady - she was pretty charming, too. We had been "pen pals" for quite a while and met for the first time here. She welcomed us to stay in her apartment and because we felt such a close connection instantly, she accompanied us to Prague only a few days later. 


  1. oh, vienna is such  a beautiful city. make sure you also visit saltzburg and innsbruck. they're not far away and you should miss them. i love the picture with the statue - horses coming out of the trees. have fun :)

  2. I've been back home in the States for a month now! :) I'm just catching up on all of my blogging that I couldn't finish while I was traveling. I did go to Salzburg (the posts are just a few before this one), however I didn't get the chance to go to Innsbruck. I wish I could have - a friend of mine is from there. I'll try to make it next time! 

  3. i don't want to miss you..anymore