31 March 2009

the little prince, makes me cry

"Yes," I said to the little prince, "whether it's a house or the stars or the desert, what makes them beautiful is invisible!"

As the little prince was falling asleep, I picked him up in my arms, and started walking again. I was moved. It was as if I was carrying a fragile treasure. It actually seemed to me there was nothing more fragile on Earth. By the light of the moon, I gazed at that pale forehead, those closed eyes, those locks of hair trembling in the wind, and I said to myself, What I'm looking at is only a shell. What's most important is invisible...

It seems to me, that Antoine de Saint-Exupery and I have minds that are very much in agreement. Re-reading The Little Prince makes me think, he saw the world in a very similar fashion as myself. It comforts me a whole lot, because I don't ever want to be a grown-up who forgets that she was a child first.

30 March 2009

magnolias in the morning

© Alyson Sharon Redding 2009

I walk under this tree every day. It is perfect. I took a picture of it while walking to work at 7:30am yesterday morning.

27 March 2009

sweetest thing

Dearest Aly,

It's always great to hear from you. I love hearing the latest news. God bless your sweet life.


A little money for foods.

I call Gramma at least once a week to "give her the scoop," as she calls it. I received this note in the mail today along with a $40 check. What a sweetheart.

26 March 2009

I spy sunshine

I woke up this morning to the sunshine in my eyes. There you are! I've been looking for you.

25 March 2009


I just read Johanna's entry in Snippets & Snapshots from the other day and had to pass it along. It is absolutely true. Read it here.

Thank you, Johanna!

another reason

"I want to make pancakes with you and put blankets in the dryer to make them warm and wrap them around each other. You could cut my bangs when they get too long, and I will give you shoulder rubs. We can go dancing. We can watch movies and eat cookies. In the summer we can go on day trips to large bodies of water and go swimming. I love you I love you I love you."

I have a beautiful friend. I am a lucky girl.

24 March 2009

beautiful baby

Wasn't she just perfect? What a darling girl she was. Oh, how I miss her.

19 March 2009


Kai and I have started a tradition this week. I have decided that every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, we will take a walk to Honoré, the local bakery, and try out a different macaron until we have tasted every single one (by we, I actually mean me. He is stuck with mushy squash and green beans for a while). So far I have had lavender with chocolate ganache filling, pistacio and today, coconut with coconut creme filling and a glob of salted caramel in the very center. So pleasing to my taste buds! I got a little too impatient to try it and ended up eating half of it before taking a picture.

Tomorrow, I think I will try the passionfruit. Yum.

Ps. I am editing this on Thursday, March 26th. I tried the passionfruit macaron. I did not like it.

18 March 2009

on a walk

The sun has been shining in Seattle quite a bit, this week. At least, it has surpassed my expectations. Little Bean & I have taken little romps around the neighborhood almost every day & have snapped pictures here and there of the lovely little treasures that we see.

The first three pictures are of a very mysterious house that reminds me of The Secret Garden. It sits on a little hill on the corner of Dibble & 9th. It is surrounded by so many plants, trees and bushes that it is almost completely hidden, and seems as though Mother Nature is giving it a great, big, loving embrace. It sparks so much curiosity in me, that many times I have found myself putting one foot atop the first step on the cracked concrete stairway. I always hesitate, stare up at it a bit longer, and then scurry away. It seems so magical to me, as if it is hiding something very special. I think that's why I'm afraid to get too close.

Maybe someday, I will be very brave and knock on their front door.

09 March 2009

snippets & snapshots

Johanna was so kind as to feature me on her blog, Snippets & Snapshots. What a sweet girl! She has always been so kind to me, and such a good pen pal. I, on the other hand, have failed miserably and often feel quite guilty about it! I owe you so many postcards! eep.

Take a peek at her other blog, Cellar Door, too!

seattle snow

Leave us alone! No more, no more!


I spent the entire weekend alone. I thought I would be bored and lonely, but it turned out to be quite nice. 

I spent Sunday morning wandering my neighborhood in the sunshine. I found a darling apartment that felt like a quaint little cottage. It had lots of rooms and was full of daylight, had perfect views of Lake Union and downtown from the bedroom and kitchen. I instantly wished I were sitting  at my little blue table by the kitchen window, with strawberries and lemonade on a lazy summer afternoon.  There was a little hidden courtyard with stone pathways, old wooden benches, spring flowers ready to bloom and tall friendly trees (trees can feel friendly, don't you think?). It filled me with such nice, cozy feelings. I immediately felt as though, with very little effort, I could make it my new home. 

New beginnings! I am eager, happy and hopeful. 

07 March 2009


© Alyson Sharon Redding 2009

Bad headache. So sleepy. I don't want to draw anymore.

02 March 2009


After a very late night (sleep over with Caety!), an emotionally exhausting morning, and a short but sweet visit with my marmy & dad, I plunked down at home with a stack of books, a pencil to make notes, and a cup of licorice tea.

I am feeling intellectually challenged lately & have found a lot of books to bury myself in. I thought while driving home in the rain today about maybe taking a class or two, but unfortunately right now, that's not economically plausible. So I will just have to educate myself instead.

It is not far from 1:30 in the morning. I should be asleep.