09 March 2009


I spent the entire weekend alone. I thought I would be bored and lonely, but it turned out to be quite nice. 

I spent Sunday morning wandering my neighborhood in the sunshine. I found a darling apartment that felt like a quaint little cottage. It had lots of rooms and was full of daylight, had perfect views of Lake Union and downtown from the bedroom and kitchen. I instantly wished I were sitting  at my little blue table by the kitchen window, with strawberries and lemonade on a lazy summer afternoon.  There was a little hidden courtyard with stone pathways, old wooden benches, spring flowers ready to bloom and tall friendly trees (trees can feel friendly, don't you think?). It filled me with such nice, cozy feelings. I immediately felt as though, with very little effort, I could make it my new home. 

New beginnings! I am eager, happy and hopeful. 

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  1. This is soooo pretty! Great work! ET