25 October 2009

punkin pickin

A very fun and successful day! We picked our own pumpkins at Remlinger Farms this morning, carved all afternoon and roasted the seeds to snack on while we worked. Olivia has more pictures from our pumpkin festivities on her blog, here.

22 October 2009

the sky's secrets

I was clicking around the other day and found myself on this website full of these beautiful astral images. Now I cannot remember which blog I had stumbled upon or even what the site was, so unfortunately I can't link it, but I can share the pictures I saved. I wish we could see these things happening whenever we stargaze. Although, maybe then they wouldn't be quite as awe inspiring. There are so many amazing things going on around us that we are completely unaware of. It's calming, in a way, to slow down and think about that.

19 October 2009

sally scott 0910 aw

What a sweet collection. How I wish I could buy an outfit or two!


17 October 2009


I am sprawled across my big new bed and tangled in fresh sheets. I love closing all of the doors to my room. I feel like I am shutting out the world and safe inside my own quarters. It has been raining a lot but I like what it does to my hair. I have been feeling small and bereft. I'm not sure what I'm looking at. I know, ambiguity in online postings is silly - but sometimes, ambiguous is all I can be.

14 October 2009

bits of deutschland

Some of these belong to Evan.

This feels like ages ago. I regret taking so few photographs. What a dumb-dumb!

07 October 2009

toby is magic

my dream, right now

If I could be with these four ladies, wearing this sweater coat and this hat, eating a peach pie or a plum upside-down cake, while sitting in a cozy cabin at doe bay; then I would be happy.

05 October 2009

home again, home again

I am back from Germany and doing my best to adjust to the time difference. I have been shuffling around my apartment in cozy socks and my new snugly sweater, trying not to succumb to the unremitting temptation of sleep.

Back to 'real life'. I miss him so much already.