29 October 2013

City of Angels

A few sunny images from my trip to Los Angeles in September. The ocean was so warm, we could run right into the waves.

25 October 2013


Last summer in Uncle David's pool. 

14 October 2013

Year 2 Begins

Today marks the fourth week of my sophomore year in college, and while it feels good to see how quickly and successfully I have accomplished forty-five credits, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be a decade or more older than all of my classmates. I've been walking out of classes feeling frustrated and bored. We do not share the same level of understanding, and so oftentimes the discussions are lacking a certain complexity and maturity that I desire. I am trying to remind myself that it's not their fault I decided to become a student at my age, but nevertheless, I find myself wanting more.

Meanwhile, I am doing an independent study in photography which is helping to fill in where other courses are lacking. I have been working one-on-one with my photo teacher from last quarter, and my time with her has been fulfilling and constructive. My first project was to replicate a photo by another photographer, and then create a response to it. No surprise, I chose to copy a few images by Francesca Woodman. I am pleased with how my interpretation turned out, though Woodman obviously did a much nicer job. I have yet to come up with a response photo that I am excited about, but you can be sure that I'll post it once I do.

01 October 2013


Things I've seen on the ground recently.