29 July 2008

hollice time

(more here.)

We have fun.

23 July 2008

come back

My precious friends were here for one night. What a tease. It was so wonderful to see them. We had a big sleep over on the living room floor of my apartment. Gena, Brette and I had girl talk time which was much needed. Evan, Eric and Charlie played dress-up in my 'Narnia Closet'. They made me laugh harder than I have laughed in a long time. This morning we had a big, delicious breakfast at Portage Bay - and then we had to say goodbye. I was so sad to see them go. It seems that we never get enough time together. They are all such delightful people. Whenever I am separated from them it feels like a piece of my heart goes with them. I wish we could all just live together in a big house in the country and play, sing and laugh together all day long.

They will be back on August 26th to play another show.

One month, one month, one month.

11 July 2008

july 9 2008

Beautiful birthday puppy!

My family all came over to celebrate my birthday on Wednesday. I told them I didn't need any gifts, I just wanted them to bring Macy. I miss her all the time so much.

We had salmon sandwiches and my mom made a delicious banana cake with cream cheese frosting. Macy discovered an old coconut in the bushes, which was a little bizarre. Andrew and Nathan cracked it open to find old, curdled coconut milk. I didn't know that was possible!

me & dad.

Macy spent the night and we had a little city adventure the next day. She's never done that before, so it was very exciting! She had a lot of fun seeing all of the different people and playing in parks she'd never seen before. Tae met up with us at Cal Anderson and we met a lot of other Capitol Hill doggies. I realized how socially awkward she is when it comes to other animals. She clearly is more of a "people person" and loves human attention, but doesn't have a clue how to get along with other dogs. I'm sure we can attribute that to her growing up in a home with 6 other people and no other pets.

I really didn't want to take her home today. She is my ray of sunshine, but my little apartment is no place for a dog like Macy.

10 July 2008

july 10, 1985

You were born on this day - and if that had never happened, my life would be a lot less full and wonderful. You are the best thing that has happened to me in a very long, long time. I love you, I love you, I love you. And I love that we are getting old together so close in time to one another. I think that's just another sign that we were meant to be.

Happy birthday, my dear, sweet, beautiful friend. The world is fortunate to have you in it.

ps. This is my 100th entry.

07 July 2008


Birthday cake candles.

I had a very happy birthday. I have wonderful friends and the very best sister a girl could ask for.

03 July 2008

sunshine quilt

I just woke up from a long nap. The sun is starting to set and is reflecting bright pinks and oranges on the Seattle skyline. There are people outside barbecuing and I am jealous. Their laughter and chatting is what woke me up. I am so hungry, but we don't have much food. Maybe they would let me join them.

Today I made blueberry scones, cleaned my apartment and rearranged all of the furniture. When I finished, I realized I liked it better the way it was before - so I moved it all back. I met Rachel for coffee which was great because I haven't seen her in so long. Then I looked up more recipes for my birthday cake. I'm trying to find the best one there is. I also found recipes and ideas for snacks for my party... like strawberries dipped in chocolate and crushed pistachios!

Peggi's mom fixed my quilt for me. It is so pretty and I love it. It's so bright and makes my room feel much nicer. I hung pictures on the wall by my bed today of Pattie Boyd, Michelle Phillips, Francoise Hardy and Joni Mitchell. There's still a lot to do in here but it looks a little bit better.

Working at Anthropologie is great but also frustrating at the same time. I stand in there all day long looking at all of the beautiful and darling things I want for my own home - and I get lots of great ideas - but I can't afford any of them! Not yet, at least.

I think that if I were ever to be one of the Visual Managers for an Anthropologie, it would be my dream job. They have the most fun! All day they paper-maché and build flowers out of paper and snowflakes out of straws and construct all of the beautiful things they come up with in their minds. Then once a year they get flown to foreign lands for "Inspiration Trips" where they are meant to come up with new ideas for the windows and displays in the stores. I want that job. It sounds amazing. They are looking for visual interns right now - but you can't work there and be an intern at the same time, so that would be a problem for me. I definitely want to look into doing it in the future though.

Right now, aside from my growling tummy, life feels dreamy.

02 July 2008

more changes

New job, more new friends, a crush (which was totally unexpected but so wonderful to be feeling this way again... I never thought that day would come! I had forgotten what butterflies felt like!), new artistic opportunities... And soon, a new year in my life. I'll be 24 on Sunday. That sounds so old to me... I can't believe I'm in my mid-twenties now.

To touch on my new job situation... I bailed out on Nordstrom. I knew I'd be unhappy if I went through with that. On Monday morning last week I walked into Anthropologie, applied, handed my application to the manager and she asked me to come back that afternoon for an interview. I was hired the next day and started two days later! So far it's a lot of fun and very easy. I get to play on walkie talkies all day and throw around all kinds of retail lingo. I often feel like I'm on some sort of important secret mission. The pay isn't very good - but I'd rather be really poor and happy than a little bit poor and unhappy. Plus, the discounts are awesome. It has been difficult to get back into the habit of having a job. It was so nice not having to work for a while. I'll definitely miss that lifestyle.

The weather has been so great this week. It was a little too hot for me last weekend, but I'll take that over rain clouds when it's supposed to be summertime. I love being able to wear my short shorts and little dresses again. I've had a bunch of great summer day moments so far. One of my favorites was when I went to the beach with Kelly and her boyfriend Ted. Ted has a little baby sailboat that Kelly refers to as his toy sailboat. They took it out on the water while I sat on the grass and ate snacks. I had on an all white dress and had it gotten wet, which it would have, then that would've been slightly embarrassing. So I stayed dry on land. I wish I'd had my camera - but I guess I just wasn't very prepared that day, so I took a picture with the camera on my phone.