27 April 2011

peep this

Caitlin of Metrode asked a few questions and I answered them for a lil' feature on her blog. Quite honored!

Image: In the Waiting Room, by Karin Mamma Andersson.


This dress is very pretty and I would love to wear it. Even if I did own it, I would never actually get to wear it, however, because this rain just will not stop.

In the words of Gob Bluth, "Come on!"

Silk Floral Print Dress, United Bamboo.

25 April 2011

dinner for one/three

I had dinner with two of my favorite ladies tonight - my sister, and my sweet friend Jess. They were the best company to have, even though technically I was still sitting alone at my table, staring at a computer screen - as they are both in L.A. 

Soft, evening sunlight was bleaching out both of their faces, and as they told stories about their day at the beach and tutted over their slight sunburns, I sat there grimacing at the perpetual rain we had today and wondering if I, too, could be a California girl. This weather lately is simply not inspiring. Rain and clouds for days; except for last Saturday which was incredible (and it was only 65, or something - ha!). How have I lived in Seattle my whole life, craving the sun and heat as much as I do? It's a mystery to me. I felt like a huge grump in comparison to Jess & Ash's glow and airiness. It's the sun. It's also just them. I'm actually beginning to wonder if I come across as dark and moody all the time. I sure hope not (someone please tell me if I need to lighten up)!

To clarify, Ashley, who lives in New York, made an impromptu visit to see Jess this week. To say I am jealous is a blatant understatement. I am dying to be there with the two of them right now. As I write this, they are taking an after dinner walk in 70 degree weather to get ice cream. My heart is aching to be doing the same!

elaine on easter

My Easter Sunday was absolutely perfect, aside from missing some key members of the family. I had a lovely time with everyone, laughed a lot, enjoyed a delicious meal and took some pictures that I will treasure always. In case I have never mentioned this before - I have been blessed with the most incredible family. 

I couldn't get over how lovely my Gramma looked yesterday, however she always looks amazing. She simply emanates beauty from the inside out. 

Ps. I started a new flickr for family photos & other such things. More photos from yesterday can be found there.

24 April 2011

post weekend coma thinking

To feel confident and successful is not natural for the artist. To feel insufficient, to experience disappointment and defeat in waiting for inspiration is the natural state of mind for an artist. As a result, praise to most artists is a little embarrassing. They cannot take credit for inspiration, for we can see perfectly, but we cannot do perfectly. Many artists live socially without disturbance to mind, but others must live the inner experience of mind, a solitary way of living. - Agnes Martin

This is something I am always trying to explain to my mother, but never successfully am able to.  She is not an artist (she is brilliant in other ways that I am at times envious of) and has a very difficult time understanding me - and my father, too - when it comes to taking pride in our work and creative endeavors. I am certain that if I sent this quote to my dad, he would think, "Yes, exactly - this is true!" just as I did. My mom would simply become frustrated as the perpetual dissatisfaction I feel with almost everything I do doesn't make any sense to her.  I usually can find happiness or pride in something I've done for a little while, but not long after, I cringe at the sight or thought of it and only wish to throw it out, do something entirely different or better. In fact, I am completely embarrassed by most of the work I have done that is floating around the internet.

Nothing I do artistically ever seems quite good enough after some time - and I refuse to believe that it is an issue of confidence. It's merely the way an artist's mind works, isn't it? Or are my dad, Agnes Martin and I the only ones (I doubt it) who feel this way?

23 April 2011

a walk in the park, pt. 2

Here are more photos from Discovery Park last weekend. These were taken on my phone (which - I've mentioned before, is the absolute worst) and despite the fact that I set them on the lowest exposure, they all are incredibly bright. I was pretty unmoved on my first, second and third glances over them - and by no means are they good pictures, but right now I'm finding that I kind of like how overexposed they are. After all, it was a very bright day.

oh, rachel

Geeze, these are cute. Perfect color, perfect straps. I would easily wear these every single day in the summertime.

I'm just trying really hard to justify purchasing them...

The Copan, Rachel Comey via Creatures of Comfort.

20 April 2011

this is all I need

I stayed with the boys all day today - meaning, I was with them for 12 hours rather than the usual 8. We had our usual fun, went on our usual walk, had snacks at our usual cafe, played hide-and-seek, went on our usual imaginary vacations to California and Hawaii, sang our usual lullabies ("Harvest Moon", "Till There Was You", "Baby Mine") and did our usual post nap time snuggling on the couch. After Asher was in bed this evening, Kai and I played cars. My arms, shoulders and head acted as hills until we built a "really awesome" jump out of books on the coffee table. 

Then there was a moment when Kai tilted his head, put his hand on my knee and said, "I really, really love you, Ah-yee." Ooh, my heart strings.

September is getting closer every day, and I seriously don't know how I'm going to cope with being apart from him. This tiny boy has me wrapped around his finger in a way that no other guy ever has.

17 April 2011

a walk in the park

What a beautiful day! Seattle, I knew you had it in you. 

16 April 2011


I spent a fruitful portion of my Friday morning scouring the shelves at Value Village. Sarah and I did some brainstorming over breakfast and discussed possible plans for a new business venture. These ideas are what inspired the desire to do some shopping. I wasn't expecting to find anything, but happily discovered that there was much to be desired; endless amounts of great japanese stoneware, wooden bowls, brass rimmed dishes - just to name a few. I was so excited about my finds, that once I got home, I immediately pulled out my camera, along with the things I salvaged from my home last weekend. And, simply because I think food and product photography is so much fun, I set up a few little vignettes on my kitchen table. I have a pretty great little collection taking shape!

It has been a full and busy day, with friends, productive alone time and a nice night out. I needed it. Tomorrow I am headed to Vashon island with my Toby and Olivia. I am really looking forward to some good lady time.

It is after 3am!  Typically I am in bed before midnight. What has become of me this week?

15 April 2011

back in time

Over the past several days, a morbid curiosity has been awakening in me to see what was left over there at my livejournal. This has mostly been inspired by the giant (giant!) box of all of my old journals that I had to drag home after relieving my parents of them. For those of you who "knew" me back then, you'll remember that I took my livejournal very seriously. Well, I took journaling in general very seriously. I have novel sized journals - a series of them - stacks and stacks of them. I'm still not sure how I found the time to dedicate to writing pages of detailed notes about my day.

Anyway. Revisiting my past and leafing through all of those journals left me slightly hungry for some livejournal reminiscing. So, I paid bunnyspoons (cringe) a visit and was irritated when I realized the old code I had written to customize my layout no longer worked - so it was impossible to navigate back beyond the first page. I impressed myself when I remembered the password at my first login attempt. I then changed the settings so that I could read and continue to be mortified by my younger self. This may be a huge mistake, but feel free to do the same.

It's actually kind of comical. I also must say I'm very proud of myself for growing up!

Ps. I would truly love it if all of you 'livejournalites' identified yourselves! We really had it going on back then, you know?

11 April 2011

noted for new york

I have NYC on my mind almost constantly. I cannot wait to tick off more things on my to do/to see lists. Maryam Nassir Zadeh is one of them. I think they have the most beautiful product photography out of any other retailer of it's kind. I am anticipating that stepping foot in there will be the best but most painful kind of torture. I'm going to want to buy everything I see.

Geeze, is it obvious yet that I'm drawn to a very specific palette? I'm kind of nauseating myself with all of this pink lately. I hardly have any of it in my own wardrobe, which perhaps is why. Everything hanging in my closet is various shades of blue, beige and black. Oh, wait. I don't know. I take it (nausea comment) back! Coral, gold and brassy tones are just so perfect.