11 April 2011

noted for new york

I have NYC on my mind almost constantly. I cannot wait to tick off more things on my to do/to see lists. Maryam Nassir Zadeh is one of them. I think they have the most beautiful product photography out of any other retailer of it's kind. I am anticipating that stepping foot in there will be the best but most painful kind of torture. I'm going to want to buy everything I see.

Geeze, is it obvious yet that I'm drawn to a very specific palette? I'm kind of nauseating myself with all of this pink lately. I hardly have any of it in my own wardrobe, which perhaps is why. Everything hanging in my closet is various shades of blue, beige and black. Oh, wait. I don't know. I take it (nausea comment) back! Coral, gold and brassy tones are just so perfect. 


  1. so so so nice. I love these colors. Come to me! xxoo

  2. I thought of this the first time I saw this post - have you ever been in the Creatures of Comfort store in Nolita, Manhattan? I think you'd go batty over it ;)

  3. Yes! I love Creatures!