31 May 2008

laura marling

Cross Your Fingers

My Manic and I

26 May 2008

built by wendy

I want new clothes.

My Morning Jacket will be here in September. They're playing at McCaw Hall. I bet it will be amazing. I'm definitely going to go.

25 May 2008

I have fun

I went home yesterday to visit my puppy and my parents. Macy was not very interested in taking pictures together. I guess I wouldn't be interested in pictures if I were dog, either. So, we played catch for a while and wrestled a bit. It was fun to run around barefoot in the grass.

I met up with Caety afterwards. We then hung out with Tae for a while and had Red Mill burgers for dinner. We had fun laughing about what I was like in high school.

I went on a bike ride with Caety today. We rode a little over 6 miles. It was a lot of fun to enjoy the sunshine & the breeze and make fun of all of the serious bikers in their spandex. I'm sure they were making fun of us in our dresses and bell bottom jeans, too.

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to Folklife. This will be the first day she and I have gotten to spend together in a really long time. I'm excited for chocolate dipped strawberries and elephant ears.

22 May 2008

good things

my aunt linda, my daddy & lots of cute kitties.

Summertime is around the corner. I am so excited. I had such a fantastic weekend, and this week has been wonderful too.

New friends, new memories and new, exciting plans. Things are happening so fast and my future is looking bright.

Life is good!

18 May 2008


This has been a fantastic weekend so far, and it's only going to get better.

17 May 2008


It is a beautiful, hot day. I am sitting at my kitchen table and staring at down town. I can hear all the city sounds and there is a breeze blowing through my window. I'm wishing I had little cotton curtains. They would look so dreamy dancing in the wind right now.

I feel like I could drift away.

I love it here.

15 May 2008


Anastasia and I have been brainstorming about opening an allergen-free bakery. The idea originally started when I was thinking about opening my own breakfast place. Then on our road trip to LA, I was realizing how many people I know that have wheat allergies, and that sort of thing (Anastasia included). So she and I started talking about how fun it would be to work on this project together. She's going to be an accountant, so in school she's been using our business plan for her class projects.

Anastasia says we would need about $50,000 to get everything we need in order to start it up. I have a friend who can do the photography and I can do the graphics, advertising and decorating. I guess I better start saving now!


I just found them, and this is exactly what I want to do. I'm almost jealous that they've done it so well before I got to!

12 May 2008

in one month

From: Anastasia
Date: May 12, 2008 11:46 AM
Subject: Seattle

Eating Shnoo, being with you and nate, riding on the ferry, shopping for clothes we can't really afford, walking all over the city, going to tasty places, singing in the car, singing at eachother, saying the same thing at the same time, putting our feet in the water, thinking about the future, crying because we are so happy, talking about what we will do in a year, hugging, sleeping, cooking in the apartment, getting coffee, watching stardust, dancing, taking pictures, meeting people. notice how I wrote shnoo first. I'm hungry.

05 May 2008


Ohh, possibilities.

ps. johanna - I got your postcard today. thank you thank you!


I cried tears of happiness while washing dishes at work.

My heart feels lighter.

Something good is coming.