15 May 2008


Anastasia and I have been brainstorming about opening an allergen-free bakery. The idea originally started when I was thinking about opening my own breakfast place. Then on our road trip to LA, I was realizing how many people I know that have wheat allergies, and that sort of thing (Anastasia included). So she and I started talking about how fun it would be to work on this project together. She's going to be an accountant, so in school she's been using our business plan for her class projects.

Anastasia says we would need about $50,000 to get everything we need in order to start it up. I have a friend who can do the photography and I can do the graphics, advertising and decorating. I guess I better start saving now!


I just found them, and this is exactly what I want to do. I'm almost jealous that they've done it so well before I got to!


  1. Babycakes is delicious! sprouted grains and vegan deliciousness.... I'm excited for you, this sounds like a great idea. There is definitely a market for it, too. I also love the idea of a breakfast place.

  2. saw your photos of your new apartment, looks sweet so far. i'm in the process of hunting down a nice place as well, but it's been tough. :/

    i've never been to babycakes before but i've heard of them from martha stewart - frankly, i don't think new york needs any more cupcake places. lol any other place, yes!

    a vegan, all organic inspired breakfast "cafe" nook in the street would be amazing though! there's this restaurant that's opened somewhere, i forget but they've apparently got this sweet little restaurant open during lunch and dinner. the waiting list is up to i believe at last a year! crazy...

    oh, i'm hemm @ lj. i don't really post there anymore, but i read your entries at bunnyspoons! :)

  3. thank you! I'm so proud of my home and so very in love with it.

    we don't have anything quite like babycakes in seattle, so I think it would be a really great thing to introduce here. especially because the community here is so into that sort of thing. I think it could be big!

  4. Also look up Divvies if you haven't seen/heard of it already. They do a lot of mail order, I can't recall if they have a brick and mortar store or not.