12 May 2008

in one month

From: Anastasia
Date: May 12, 2008 11:46 AM
Subject: Seattle

Eating Shnoo, being with you and nate, riding on the ferry, shopping for clothes we can't really afford, walking all over the city, going to tasty places, singing in the car, singing at eachother, saying the same thing at the same time, putting our feet in the water, thinking about the future, crying because we are so happy, talking about what we will do in a year, hugging, sleeping, cooking in the apartment, getting coffee, watching stardust, dancing, taking pictures, meeting people. notice how I wrote shnoo first. I'm hungry.


  1. i'm going to ask michael to take me to shnoo! :)

  2. it's not on the west side anymore! there's crazy cherry up on broadway though... I haven't been yet. maybe I'll test it out once I'm not sick and let you know how it is.