21 September 2009

cannon beach

I am sitting at JFK airport with three more hours to kill before catching my flight to Berlin. Is this really happening? Somebody, pinch me!

18 September 2009

oh boy

Kissing my sweet Kai goodbye before embarking on a very big adventure. First, Cannon Beach with my family for the weekend. Then, Germany with a very, very special someone. I will not see him for over two weeks! He will probably look like a totally different baby when I see him next.

10 September 2009

oh man.

AND all of this.

Miss Comey, you are making my life awfully difficult.

05 September 2009

settling in

This new place is starting to feel familiar and more like home. There are still a lot of messes everywhere. I need a dresser for my clothes, now that I no longer have a large walk-in closet to hide everything in. I didn't photograph Ashley's room, because she still has a lot of work to do. The view isn't quite like the one we used to have, but at least we still have a little one. There's also not nearly as much privacy. I have to think twice before pulling any article of clothing off. I really don't mind though because it is such a nice dwelling space. It is so much bigger and has a lot of charm.

I really like it here.