25 March 2010

recent treats

I have been pinching my pennies in order to reward myself with some pretty things. There is more on my list, but they will have to wait a little while longer. I am content for now.

RGB nail color from Blackbird
Vintage Bateau Top from J.Crew
Ballet Flats from J.Crew


I borrowed these from my sweet Olivia over at Crescent Moon. On Tuesday evening Olivia, Ashley and I enjoyed delicious French cuisine at a fairly new restaurant in Ballard, Bastille. Oh boy, was it tasty! Here you can see the damage we delivered to apple pie with a puff pastry on top and a scoop of ginger ice cream, and lavender crème brûlée accompanied by two little caramel macarons. Oof! I felt terrible but in the very best way afterwards.

On a side note; I really should re-paint my nails.

23 March 2010


Evening light in my bedroom.

Growing up, I was often times greeted by the sounds of my Mama playing the piano when walking through the front door, or sometimes awoken by it on Saturday mornings. My sister has recently begun re-teaching herself how to play, and the noises fill our apartment with feelings and memories that sweep me back home.

remember when

Sometimes, Germany, I really miss you.

18 March 2010


I love this baby. I love kouign amanns and macarons. I love my job.

margot & morris

16 March 2010

the colors

Marmy at 22 years old in sunny California. 

15 March 2010

Maybe in May.

si, por favor!

Would you look at that! I was sitting here dreaming, yet again, about sunny getaways when Olivia shared Costa Careyes with me. I cannot believe this place is real. Pink bungalows! Fish tacos! Guacamole! Sunlight! I want to go right now!

05 March 2010

with you

Please dear universe, bring us together soon.

03 March 2010

feelin dumpy

I love pretty things. I want pretty things. I want to feel pretty in pretty things. I wish I could afford pretty things.