14 September 2012


While tidying up my inbox today, I found some notes I'd saved away in my draft folder, little moments and memories I didn't want to forget sharing with Kai. They're so precious, they'll make your heat melt.

August 4th, 2011

Today I spread my hands a little and said, "Hmm, what do you think? Do I love you this much?"
I spread them a little more, "Do I love you this much?"
"Ye- hmm... No."
I spread my arms really big, "Do I love you THIS much??"
"Yeah! A lot!"
Then he said, "I love you this much, Ah-yee," and threw his arms around me. While still holding me in a hug he said, "This is how I love you."

August 3, 2011

"Kai, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
He responded without any hesitation and pointed at me, "You'll be a spider," then pointed at himself, "I'll be a man."

July 25, 2011

Kai woke up from his nap, making the usual cranky cries. I went into is room and snuggled up behind him in bed. After a few minutes, he rolled over and smiled at me. Then he settled back and whispered, "I love you, Ah-yee." Such a sweetheart boy.

June 9, 2011

Pre-nap snuggle time with Kai...

"Let me see your teeth, Ah-yee." I show him. "You have big teeth."
"I know, they are pretty big."
"Do you have your molars, Ah-yee?"
"Yes, I have all of my teeth. Well - except, I was born without one molar. See?" I open my mouth, he sticks his fingers in and prods around.
"Oh..." He places his hand on my cheek, a look of concern crosses his face. "Does that make you sad?"
I smile. "No, that doesn't make me sad."
"Really? Are you ok, Ah-yee?"
"Yes, really I'm okay. Thank you, Kai."

He's quiet, and then, "I want to talk about my room."
"Ok, what do you think about your room?"
"It's a square."
"You're right!"
"How did it get here?"
"Somebody built it. Are you interested in shapes and building things?"
"Yes, I am Ah-yee."
"Would you like to build things, like houses, someday?"
"Yes, when I'm older."
"You'd be good at that, Kai."
"Thank you Ah-yee."
"You're welcome. I will support you in whatever you decide to do!"
"When I'm grown up."
"Yes, when you're grown up." He reaches his arm around me, pats my face and kisses my lips. 
"Ohhh, thank you Kai! That was so sweet."
"Yes, I am very sweet to you Ah-yee."


07 September 2012

A Summer Night

- August 6, 2012 -

Sitting in the park at night with my friends, a paper lantern landed on the ground next to us. We relit it with some old lists and receipts I found in my bag and sent it back into the sky. Later we shared a bottle of champagne and made future plans for a motorcycle trip across Italy. We went skinny-dipping in the lake at four o'clock in the morning. I felt happy to be home.

06 September 2012

Vienna, Day Three

More walks, more gardens, more rain and a quick visit to Hotel Sacher for a taste of their famous chocolate torte. Frankly, I've had better - but it was a nice experience. Bianca then took us around the corner and down the street to Demel because she insisted it was better - and she was right. I took so many photos there that I'll be dedicating a post entirely to Demel next.

Ps. Bianca, I miss your face!

03 September 2012

Vienna, The Mumok

I have to admit that after visiting so many museums, they can become tiring and a bit of a bore. I'd rather wander the streets of the city and watch the people than pace through a room looking at pictures on a wall when there's a whole new world to be exploring just outside. The exhibition at the MUMOK was so refreshing and inspiring, though; a look at fashion throughout the years. There were gouache and watercolor paintings of textile designs, old garments, illustrations, hand painted materials, fashion photography and videography. It was so much fun to wander through each room, a nice surprise around every corner.

02 September 2012

Sister & Sunlight

Ashley this evening in Selah, Washington. We'll be spending 10 days there beginning Wednesday to watch over the house (and pool!) while our aunt & uncle are traipsing around Paris (sigghhhh). Plenty of sunshine, beautiful landscapes and probably a horse or two can soon be expected. I'll do some catching up on what's happening in my life now that I've been home for over a month (how did that happen?), as well as finishing up all of the travel photos. Nearly there!

01 September 2012

V I E N N A ,   D A Y   T W O

Spying on the neighbor lady, rainy day walks, strolls through the parks and gardens.