03 September 2012

Vienna, The Mumok

I have to admit that after visiting so many museums, they can become tiring and a bit of a bore. I'd rather wander the streets of the city and watch the people than pace through a room looking at pictures on a wall when there's a whole new world to be exploring just outside. The exhibition at the MUMOK was so refreshing and inspiring, though; a look at fashion throughout the years. There were gouache and watercolor paintings of textile designs, old garments, illustrations, hand painted materials, fashion photography and videography. It was so much fun to wander through each room, a nice surprise around every corner.


  1. Hey Aly,
    i am loving all your pictures as always and forever :)
    Aly, tell me please where did you stay in Vienna? I'm about to go there... Could you recommend a hotel or a hostel? Thx a lot for help :)

  2. Hey!

    I stayed with my friend who lives and studies in Vienna, so I am not sure where a good place would be to stay. I recommend taking a look at airbnb.com - it's a really nice alternative to hostels!