29 August 2010


Dear Vancouver friends and friends of Vancouver,

I am fleeing the country with my honey pie for a couple of days on Tuesday. Will you please be my guide? Share favorite eats, parks, walks, sights and activities.

Thanks a bunch!

27 August 2010

welcome, little baby

Kai and I spent the day in a quiet and restless excitement as we awaited the arrival of his new brother or sister. Kate & Cory decided to keep the gender a surprise, so we have all been playing guessing games for the past nine months. Kai had been pretty persistent about it being a sister the past few weeks, and came up with numerous names for her like, Bye-Bye, Mom and Elmo. I had started to feel some pretty strong girl vibes, too - so I was surprised when a baby boy arrived. His name is Asher and he is beautiful! Meeting him in the hospital was such a special moment and made me feel very nostalgic for the days when my own little sister, brothers and cousins were born. I cannot express how much new little lives enchant me. They are so tiny and so perfect. 

I am so excited and lucky to be the nanny of two precious boys. Kai is going to be such a wonderful big brother. The three of us are going to have a lot of fun together. 

Here's to slugs, snails and puppy dog tails!

22 August 2010

take me back

I wish time travel were real.

10 August 2010

oh, hi

My goodness, I nearly forgot that I have a blog! Life certainly is exhausting me right now.  I am trying to take a deep breath and relax. I have chocolate meringues in the oven, a wine of glass (see? stressed!) in my hand, and classical music playing. One might say I am falling apart, but I am doing my best to keep my head on straight. For now, all I will say is; cross your fingers for me, dear friends and readers! I am desperately searching for an apartment, while wrapping my mind around the realities of all of the other major shifts about to occur in the very near future.

Change is hard, innit?

I will update soon, with - hopefully - good news.

06 August 2010

lunch date

I took these photos of Kai while he was eating his lunch the other day. The Elmo balloon (which I got for him on his Birthday two weeks ago) so happily hovers above him during every meal. The light at the moment was nice and the colors were popping; I just simply couldn't help myself. What a darling boy.

02 August 2010

gerald's bug

My dad sent this in an email to me today. The photo was taken at an event called "The Bug Race", when he was a senior in high school. He's the one driving. I really liked the photo, so I thought I'd share!