29 August 2010


Dear Vancouver friends and friends of Vancouver,

I am fleeing the country with my honey pie for a couple of days on Tuesday. Will you please be my guide? Share favorite eats, parks, walks, sights and activities.

Thanks a bunch!


  1. Vancouver is nice. I like Granville Island. If you are staying downtown take one of the water taxis over to Granville. See a show in the evening. Look at the rats down on the pier after dark. :) jk The park is great place to walk around and take it all in. But Seattle is nice so nothing more in Van that is not in Seattle. Maybe eat some salt & vinegar chips :0 Graniville street downtown for those wanting a burger and a beer. Or Robson for more quieter evening meal or Davie for atmosphere.
    Have fun anyway.

  2. Thank you! I got this too late, but we had a wonderful time.