29 June 2010

I wonder

What should I do today?

21 June 2010

Via refinery29shops.com

on the first day of summer

Summertime seems to be shying away from Seattle. This time last year, I had already relished in the sunshine of some 90 degree days. And now here I sit indoors, wearing my winter coat and sadly staring at grey, cloudy skies. Perhaps I am the reason why we have such gloomy weather? My mood has been dark and I feel afraid of so many things that I haven't any power over. I suppose this cloud above my head could be stewing and stretching across a greater distance.

How I wish it were easy to escape someplace else. I hate to complain, but to be truthful, 2010 is being a little hard on me.

Photo credit: Unsure where I found this. I had it saved away in my "Things I Like" folder.

17 June 2010


Oh, Gaga!

These photos of her are so good! I had to share.

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08 June 2010

kofod larsen

I want all of them.

04 June 2010

this or that

Which do you prefer?

03 June 2010

sasquatch 2010

Live music, sunshine, friends, sleeping under the stars, dancing, grilling! I wish we did this every weekend.

02 June 2010

sleeping sister

Ashley left this morning for the east coast for two weeks. What ever shall I do? I will be so lonely in this two bedroom apartment by myself.